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Jim Beam Taps Fans' Own Personal "Statements" To Help Co-Create Bottle Labels For Its New Single Barrel Bourbon

Each bottle of Jim Beam Single Barrel, the first-ever single barrel offering from the world’s No. 1 bourbon brand, exemplifies individuality – not only with the distinct flavor and personality of the bourbon itself, but also with its hand-crafted and hand-written bottle labels. 42 more words


Review: Jim Beam Signature Craft Harvest Bourbon Collection – Soft Red Wheat and Rolled Oat

Discontent to let Buffalo Trace have all the fun with experimental whiskeys, Jim Beam has been hard at work with its annual Signature Craft releases to show how little changes can have a big impact on a finished spirit. Full story via Drinkhacker.com


On Whiskey: Baker’s Bourbon| Part of the Beam Small Batch Series


The folks at Jim Beam’s PR agency sent me a bottle of Baker’s Bourbon the other day. I couldn’t help but say thank you for helping me in my education in the realm of bourbon whiskey. 764 more words


Shonnie The Biker's Wife Part XII: Back to the Real World

Continuation of Shonnie: Parts One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine  Ten  Eleven

With nothing else to do and somewhat pissed at Shonnie for putting us both in a bad situation, I walked over to The Las Vegas Club just across the street from the Union Plaza. 1,004 more words


Jim Beam Signature Craft 12 Year

Jim Beam’s latest, the Jim Beam Signature Craft, is handcrafted from select ingredients and aged 12 years in oak barrels, which gives you rich notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak.  19 more words

Bourbon And Oak

No, Jack Daniel's is not a Bourbon...

Mumbai, India

With the rains finally hitting Mumbai with such pomp, it gives me real warmth as I write this article on American whiskey.  Going a decade back, Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam to a certain extent were perhaps the only ones synonymous with American whiskey. 492 more words


Grapes of Wrath #1 - Oasis of Abuse

The heat. The fucking heat. Even in what should be winter, the heat is endless. I just want to get into a paddling pool of whiskey and bury my face in Kate Upton’s tits. 1,028 more words