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Jim Beam Tour

Bardstown, KY.

This is THE bourbon town in the US. Whiskey tours EVERYWHERE. There is a whiskey “passport” stamp book. You go on so many whiskey tours in this part of KY and you get a free T-shirt. 201 more words


Whisky Review #231 Booker's Bourbon 65.3%

Bourbon from Jim Beam now, and like the previous one, this is also a 7 year old one.

Batch: C07-A-12

On the nose: A bit closed initially. 104 more words

This Lady's Lemonade: A Summer Cocktail...

Since it’s Monday, and we’re all tired and wishing it was still Saturday night, I’ve decided to talk about my favorite summer cocktail. I love anything with whiskey in it. 269 more words


An afternoon with Jack and Jim

Song writing is a serious business – or so Rocksey leads me to believe!
So Saturday afternoon starts with a rehearsal for next weeks gig and then a bout of song writing and making merry in the studio helped long with the bands good friends, Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. 191 more words

6 Premium Whiskey Drinks And Their Perfect Pairings


Whether on the rocks, in a mixed drink, or served neat, everyone has their preferred way of drinking excellent whiskey. But what goes effortlessly with each drink experience? 636 more words

Old Crow Bourbon Review

The Old Crow label is one of the most recognizable bourbon brands in the world, with constant music and movie references.  Interestingly enough, despite the bird on the logo, the brand itself is named after James Crow, a Scotsman who distilled in Kentucky in the early 19th century.  207 more words


15 Wise Toasts Guys Should Be Raising a Glass To In Their Late 20s and Early 30s

There are certain toasts that guys in their late 20s and early 30s should be raising a glass to, no matter where they come from. And to celebrate the launch of… 398 more words

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