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Halfway There

It’s hard to believe that in just 3 short weeks I’ll reach the midway milestone of this 365 day experiment.

Go Me!

Truth be told, I wasn’t convinced that I had the will to carve out time in each day to make this possible. 256 more words

I Love You Phillip Morris(2009) - 深情騙子

意想不到這是一部同志喜劇版Catch Me If You Can。但Steven Russell比Frank Abagnale Jr.更聰明,能自學律師、財務專業,而非僅僅蒙混過關,演技也更出色,騙財也非只低手地偽造文件(信用卡是他最早期的技倆而已),而是用漏洞施財技,更懂得應對和控制身體……最堅係多次犯罪入獄…還作可以上庭扮律師…當然他的年齡也比Frank大很多…比較下,ILYPM卻少很多對犯罪的仔細描述,更多的是浪漫和喜劇。



Jim Carrey的演繹相比他的其他作品,十分收斂而仍具其個人特色,對本人而言是恰到好處。可惜在Philip Morris的角色太淺薄,令那段愛情並不太入肉。


The Mask Celebrates the Big 2-0!

It’s hard to believe that it has been two decades since The Mask first hit the big screen.  It’s also hard to believe that my VHS copy of the movie still works.  264 more words


Smokin': How A Warped Underground Comic Book Became 'The Mask'

Twenty years ago today, The Mask hit theaters. Cementing the career of Jim Carrey and launching the career of Cameron Diaz, it was a bizarre, CGI-heavy spectacle that was a seeming mashup between a superhero movie, a noir, and a Tex Avery cartoon. 623 more words


Kylie Minogue

Here is Kylie Minogue copying the 1950s Coppertone advertisement. Previous stars to copy the ad were Carmen Electra and Jim Carrey (below)…


Liar Liar (1997) Review

Fletcher Reede is a lawyer who cannot help but lie and keeps letting his young son Max down. So when he doesn’t turn up for his birthday Max makes a wish that his father cannot lie for 24 hours.


A Stairwell and a Secret Closet

Eccentric relatives are a plague. Whether it is Uncle Wilbur the Klansman or Friedrich Liechtenstein the ornamental hermit.

I’m only related, tangentially, to one, and not the ornamental hermit, who has adopted the life view that his existence is a form of high art, not low drama. 633 more words

Gary Conkling