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'The Writers' Room'

This fun series that looks at the inner workings of other shows is back for a second season and is once again hosted by Academy Award-winning writer Jim Rash. 47 more words


Jim Rash talks new season of 'The Writer's Room'

If you’re a TV fan who’s always wanted to peek behind the curtain and see what really goes down when the writers of some of today’s hottest television shows sit down to pen all new episodes, then you definitely don’t want to miss season 2 of Sundance Channel’s… 369 more words


'Scandal': Highlights from the Shonda Rhimes, Jim Rash Twitter chat

It’s only a few hours before the season finale of Scandal,  and ahead of this much-anticipated episode, creator Shonda Rhimes and Sundance Channel’s Writers’ Room… 423 more words


Videos: Shonda and Kerry Talk 'Scandal' In THE WRITERS' ROOM on Sundance TV

Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington and the SCANDAL creative team visit THE WRITERS’ ROOM on Sundance TV Friday night April 18 to reveal how they make the sausage. 921 more words


Craig Ferguson And Jim Rash Wrote The World's Worst Joke For Joel McHale

To say that Community star/friend-of-the-site Jim Rash enjoys eating meat isn’t a double entendre (double entendean?) — it’s a fact. He’s not a vegan, unlike his bald doppelgänger, Moby (not to be confused with… 84 more words


'Community' Season 5 Episode 12 Review: "Basic Story"

It’s not often that you get to see a major network television show arguing with itself. But that’s one of the surprises, and pleasures, of “Basic Story,” the first installment in… 589 more words


Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Oh, looks like it’s time to catch up on Community, and where better to start than with another Dungeons & Dragons episode?

When Hickey reveals he wasn’t invited to his grandson’s birthday, the gang try to amend Hickey’s relationship with his son Hank (played by guest star David Cross) through a game of DnD. 309 more words

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