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‘A 9mm wouldn’t be a bad idea’: PC leader wants armed guards at Queen's Park

TORONTO – The interim leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative is urging the provincial government to investigate arming the guards at Queen’s Park.

“I don’t mean being armed to the nines as one of the ministers said, but a 9 mm wouldn’t be a bad idea,” Jim Wilson said. 320 more words


Reevely: Wynne risks failing early tests of her political honour

Premier Kathleen Wynne has two chances coming up to prove she’s the kind of politician she convinced a lot of Ontarians she is in the last election campaign. 742 more words


Jim Wilson’s Avalon Ranch (Still) For Sale

SELLER: Jim Wilson
LOCATION: Calabasas, CA
PRICE: $14,500,000
SIZE: 7,597 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: Out at the edge of Calabasas (CA), where the manicured suburban streets turn to the untamed Santa Monica Mountains, Oscar-winning movie producer Jim Wilson owns a sprawling, equestrian estate, dubbed Avalon Ranch, now listed at $14,900,000. 337 more words

Real Estalker

Letter: Individual public schools should have more autonomy

Jon Bradley and Jim Wilson present valuable lessons in their Sept. 11 letters: “Anglophone parents have been accomplices in the impending death of the English public school system (online),” and “The future of English education.” 194 more words


Letter: Linguistic school boards have outlived their usefulness

Re: “Schools, survival and safety” (Your Views, Sept. 9)

James Watts hits the nail on the head, by suggesting a fusion of education institutions.

In her recent article (“How English schools can survive,” Opinion, Sept. 579 more words


Letter: English school boards offer a world-class education

Re: “Saving English education in Quebec” (Your Views, Sept. 4)

I have to take issue, in the strongest terms, with Jim Wilson’s comments. There is no doubt that Bill 101 has dealt a serious blow to English school enrolment, however we can be equally sure that whining and complaining will not resolve the issue. 238 more words


Letter: More than voter turnout will be needed to save English education in Quebec

Re: “Make an effort, for the future of English education” (Editorial, Aug. 30)

Many who condemned the government’s cutback on educational spending did so because of its impact on the support for special-needs students. 245 more words