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Trip to London: Buckingham Palace, Southend, Harrods and Jimmy Carr

Some of you may have been wondering where I was the past weeks, while other probably do not give a hoot. Nevertheless, if you choose to carry on reading this post, you will find out what I was up to. 656 more words

Amused Moose promoter and producer Hils Jago on talent spotting comedians

“Why Amused Moose?”

“I wanted a word beginning with the letter A because, back in the day, everything in Time Out was listed alphabetically. I chose ‘Amused’ and then had to find something that rhymed with it. 1,559 more words


Twitter as Open University Course in Joke Telling - Module One

The problem with writing jokes is that there is a high percentage chance someone has written them before. There are modern stand up techniques that go back as far as Aristophanes. 863 more words

Proper working trousers

I bought ‘suit pants’ hahahahahhahaHA.

I am in the library, but I think I will go home because I am not bering very productive.

I mean, I made this powerpoint