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Thanksgiving 2014: a success!

I just got back from Thanksgiving dinner with my cousins. And I’m happy to report that I had a very good time.

As I’ve said before, I have social anxiety disorder, and it often creeps up even when I’m around people I know and love. 390 more words

Mental Illness

It's A Wonderful Life

The man in the grey overcoat looks over his shoulder. The bridge is empty. No witnesses. He leans over the snow-flecked railing. His eyes widen. The icy black water swells ominously below, beckoning him to come closer, closer… He leans over— 1,717 more words


Classic November - #4 Rear Window

The second film we chose for the 1950’s was Rear Window from 1954, a Hitchcock classic starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly. The premise is that a photographer has broken his leg getting a great action shot on a race track and has been in a cast and wheel chair for six weeks. 519 more words

Top 5 Drunken Movie Performances

This was a really hard list to make.  I had so many great scenes to pick from.  When you think about it, cinema is just filled with actors and actresses stumbling around, slurring their words, and eating greasy diner food.   213 more words

Tom Hanks

Considering the Moon

What is it about the Moon that captures the fancy of humankind? A silvery disk hanging in the night sky, it conjures up images of romance and magic. 814 more words


Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

We have been watching Mr Smith Goes to Washington all week and finally finished it today. It’s such a perfect film–so well acted (Jean Arthur and Jimmy Stewart are superb), so relevant to the role of money in politics today. 372 more words


My Thoughts on "Vertigo" (1958) and the Mysterious, Unattainable Woman

About two weeks ago my film class was assigned to watch Vertigo for the feminist film theory portion of the class. Since my initial viewing I had done some reading on the basis of the theme and found it interesting, yet not enough to go back and rewatch it. 1,252 more words