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Can you pass the key chain test?


This one goes to my car.
This one goes to the back door.
This one goes to the outside door at the church.
This one goes to my office. 451 more words


Mike Francesa - WFAN

Check out this AWESOME soundboard mikeandthesoundboard – the only Jingle on the sound board is Kars4Kids ! Wow!!! You can hear the original famous jingle… 24 more words

Catchy Jingle #1


friends and lovers
lovers and friends
what’s the difference if we’re all
the same in the end?

allies to enemies
enemies to allies
who gives a shit?
i just want fries.


Sunday Funday! Grace is Messy Ukelele Jingle!

If this doesn’t make you laugh, you may need to get your laughter checked!

This guy did a fantastic job creating exactly what I wanted: something funny, cheesy, and to pick at us stuffy Christians who need to lighten up a bit. 102 more words


Dying in the shower

I’m not special,
Let’s not pretend
That the night we were cuddling
You were thinking of me.

I’m not what you want
I’m not sure I’m what you need… 10 more words


Dangling Bells Sterling Silver 7.5" Jingle Bell Bracelet

Approximately 13 tinkling bells dangle from this sterling silver bracelet. It is 7.5 inches long and closes with a spring ring clasp.