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What Went Wrong With... Our Susceptibility To War-Mongering?

The Government exploits almost anything in order to garner support. The mainstream media exploits and glorifies any news story in order to attain more viewers. This coupling of the corrupt and the unscrupulous has resulted in many incorrectly reported stories which the public have unfortunately bought into, and it takes years for these lies to finally be uncovered. 947 more words


Scared not proud of things I didn't choose.

I recently came across a descriptive article about a symposium organised in National Auditorium in Delhi. A symposium organised by right wing conservatives to rewrite the Indian history solely to glorify the leaders who are considered Hindutva propagandists and who in their opinion have been ignored in the history taught in Secular India. 825 more words


Jingo Taco

While out and about in Nampa, Idaho, I stopped in at a Del Taco, and realized where I was for the first time. I had been there before, but this time my eyes were opened. 557 more words

This One Time, In America

The first week I was back in the country, I was determined to make domestic life the same adventure I’d created in the rest of the world. 776 more words


Why any "immigration debate" is one-sided

Often we’ll hear about politicians rambling on about immigration, and how it’s supposedly a big deal. Is there any real issue with immigration? Of course not. 432 more words