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It ain't Xenophobia? Really?

it’s not xenophobia?

the refrain is the same,

it’s the criminals to blame,

we still won’t be calling the attacks by their stinking name,

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Scribbled Verse


Given it is a public holiday in Australia it would be un-Australian for me to work, regardless of the fact that I am not there, so I lazily repost my alleged poem that I have posted on previous such occasions. 472 more words

American Sniper, Selma & American's Love for Revisionist History

A week after the Academy announcements and American Sniper has made nearly $200m domestic. The snubbed Selma has made only $35m in a similar period of release albeit with significantly less theaters in wide release. 1,071 more words

Culture Corner

What are YOU Celebrating on MLK Monday?

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He might call for Doctor’s Trials, to include all complicit in the maimings and killings of injured workers in America?! 1,113 more words


The War of Ideas

A person who is willing to defend an idea by using methods that explicitly contradict what he so fervently supports, stands in opposition to his own principles. 411 more words


Star Trek (DC Comics, 1984) #43-45 - The Return of the Serpent! (Review)

The first Star Trek pilot, The Cage, was produced in 1964. To celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, this December we are reviewing the second season of the original Star Trek show. 2,109 more words