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A while back, I said that anti-dog-ownership was my most unpopular view, the second most being atheism. I left one out.

I don’t “Support the Troops”. 670 more words



I finally heard from my union rep on Wednesday, after leaving a nasty message on his answering service that morning. He told me to go ahead and file for unemployment, a little bit of advice I could have used a month ago. 1,003 more words

Feet of Clay, Example #1: Did Bob Dylan Sell Out in His Super Bowl Ad? Or What Is “True Cool?”

“You can’t fake true cool,” said the Super Bowl ad starring Bob Dylan. No, but you can fake sincerity.

When I strolled by the television on Super Bowl Sunday, my biggest surprise was not the winning team. 446 more words

To Think About

Love/hate relationship- the United States and its Values

In the United States, we teach our history repeatedly in primary and secondary school. The courses were invariably nationalistic almost to the extreme of propaganda. We were taught that the brave men who overthrew the tyranny of the British government are heroes who’s thoughts on the nature of government are final. 843 more words

Serious Stuff

Japanese Jingoism won'nt help Fukushima Refugees

A lot of cogent points made in the article below about the lack of progress in (a) helping the Fuskushima refugeees (b) containing the radioactivity leaks… 6 more words

New laws to enforce jingosim

In an unprecedented move today, the government announced that it will enact strict code-of-conduct laws for all Australian citizens.

The announcement follows controversy surrounding January’s Australia Day, which saw heated debate concerning the “proper” way to honour the First Fleet’s historic landing. 270 more words

Canada's part of America, right?

Wal*Mart has a new campaign highlighting a new focus on a “pledge” to buy American products while “honoring” the (ostensibly) American workers who make them. Whatever “honoring” means, it must… 74 more words