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White Water Rafting: A Lesson in "How Not to Die"

“Don’t die, don’t die, don’t die, don’t die. There’s a fish, there’s a rock, who cares, don’t die — I just wanna live, and keep on swimming and breathe and live — because living is good, and dying, not as good.” 347 more words


Just Imagine

I stopped, as not to bother the magnificent black and white creature flit and flutter along the football pitch. Somersaulting down, cruising back into the breeze, it sprang and sprung about its day. 113 more words

Oomonoimi Jinja, Yamagata


Omonoimi Jinja (Oomonoimi / Ohmonoimi / Ohomonoimi Jinja) is a shrine in Yamagata that venerates Mt. Chokaisan. There are three shrine locations. The mountain itself is the Omonoimi-no-Kami. 599 more words


Harsh Realities

We decided to walk home after spending our first full day at Jinja Children’s Hospital. I think this was mostly because we needed time to process everything that we had seen. 718 more words

Source of the Smile :)

The journey from Kampala to Jinja along the Kampala road, which would take us all the way to Kenya if we so wished, was filled with apprehension and actually quite a lot of anxiety in what the next 4 weeks would bring. 387 more words

Blown Away.


Can I just say it again?


In 20 days of fundraising, 50% of my goal has been donated. And can I be honest? It’s all been through social media. 549 more words