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Jinja's first elevator

April 14, 2014 — Jinja days 2 and 3

On my second day in Jinja, Malia, Kaity (Robbie’s cousin), and I spent our afternoon shopping downtown. 646 more words

"None of the mzungus will eat street meat because they think it'll make them sick." —Malia Hacker (soon to be Palmer)

Food in Uganda

Food in Jinja is so much better than expected. At the boys home, it’s obviously blander because there are 12 boys plus the adults to feed, so it’s a lot of beans and rice, but in the city where we’re living, we have access to some luxuries. 450 more words

"Well, that's Jinja. And that's a goat." — Robbie Palmer

Jinja, Uganda — April 12, 2014

After a late arrival in Entebbe and a long reunion hug with Malia and Robbie, the three of us set out for Jinja. 768 more words

Bucket List Story: Bungee Jump

During my 3 months in Uganda I had many memorable experiences. It is hard to choose which one was my favorite, but a definite contender was bungee jumping into the Nile. 279 more words


Jinja, Uganda

English version: Jinja is mainly known for being the source of the river Nile. Though one still is not 100% sure where it actually begins (some claim the source in Rwanda or Burundi) it is the spot, where the Nile leaves Lake Victoria, i.e. 1,560 more words

Africa Overland

Pepa Knight "Rahh!"

This ethereal tune by Pepa Knight uplifts your soul instantly. Pepa’s soaring vocals contrast (yet beautifully complement) the driving percussion, creating a luscious and inspirational palate of sounds. 62 more words


2014 Bayimba Festival activity kicks off

The 2014 Bayimba International Festival of the Arts schedule of activity kicks off this month with the regional festival in the northern Ugandan metropolis of Gulu this weekend. 399 more words

Maisha Film Lab