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Counting One's Chickens Too Hastily...

So, as fate -with its cruel sense of humor- would have it, my epic move from this hellhole to California has been placed on hold. … 414 more words

Học cách chơi tướng Liên Minh Huyền Thoại: Xạ thủ Jinx

Cùng học cách chơi cơ bản dành cho xạ thủ Jinx trong Liên Minh Huyền Thoại.

Ở vị trí xạ thủ Liên Minh Huyền Thoại, Jinx là vị tướng đi đường rất mạnh và có khả năng dồn sát thương lớn. 47 more words

What Has The World Come To? (Part 1)

I know this topic can go in many different ways, but I wanted to present it in a way in which I can relate it for today’s post. 292 more words

Top Ten Favorite James Bond Women: #4 Jinx from Die Another Day

Jinx was a CIA agent who originally worked separately but eventually teamed up with James Bond to take down Gustav Graves in Die Another Day. 224 more words

Pet Of The Week - Jinx

Jinx is an 8-year-old Himalayan/Persian mix who is one pretty kitty! You’ll surely fall in love with his chocolate-colored coat and mesmerizing blue eyes. He has lived with children and dogs, so he’s a rather easy-going feline. 76 more words


Wrong Again

It turns out that my horrid cold tricked me into thinking I was getting better quickly, but this evening it has taking a sneaky turn from the worse. 77 more words


“Jinx! Double jinx! Triple jinx! Personal jinx!”

They scream this out every time two or more of them say something at the same time. I used to play that game as a kid. 652 more words