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Bad news that just got worse

Over the next two months, Nala helped bring Jinx out of her shell. Nala was a great, little kitten and was very loving and affectionate. She would sit with you on the couch and just wanted to be loved. 376 more words


The First Two Kittens- Jinx and Nala

One night before I was heading off to college (June 2013), my sister calls home absolutely hysterical. It turns out that she thought that she hit a kitten. 354 more words


Why Gitmo is Basically Jinx in a Dog Body

So, it’s been decided (by mostly Nauttie and Jerbro) that Gitmo is the Unofficial Official Mascot of #Patent. After some discussion, it’s been decided that Gitmo and Jinx are kinda the same person? 220 more words


Anti-Muggle Prank!

Sis lives in a first floor apartment, which has a grilled (as in enclosed by a metal grill and not as in roasted) balcony adjacent to the kitchen. 260 more words


Product Review: JINX World of Warcarft Horde Hoodie

While I was at MCM this year, I picked up some goodies for myself. As the cold weather is starting to seep in (especially here in Britain) I thought it was time to get some warmer clothes. 502 more words


Jinx: First Season History

This is a summary, essentially, of Jinx’s first season in Bravo, December – April.


My first weekend in Bravo after I gave up on finding Hob, December, was the coldest I had ever experienced. 1,122 more words


Jinx: Virtue, Fear, Love

Bravo, October 2014. A more stylized version of a single memory.


Fear is not one of the Virtues.

I tried to remember this, watching her come toward us, but it was hard. 118 more words