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The First Two Kittens- Jinx and Nala

One night before I was heading off to college (June 2013), my sister calls home absolutely hysterical. It turns out that she thought that she hit a kitten. 356 more words


Why Gitmo is Basically Jinx in a Dog Body

So, it’s been decided (by mostly Nauttie and Jerbro) that Gitmo is the Unofficial Official Mascot of #Patent. After some discussion, it’s been decided that Gitmo and Jinx are kinda the same person? 220 more words


Anti-Muggle Prank!

Sis lives in a first floor apartment, which has a grilled (as in enclosed by a metal grill and not as in roasted) balcony adjacent to the kitchen. 260 more words


Product Review: JINX World of Warcarft Horde Hoodie

While I was at MCM this year, I picked up some goodies for myself. As the cold weather is starting to seep in (especially here in Britain) I thought it was time to get some warmer clothes. 502 more words


Jinx: First Season History

This is a summary, essentially, of Jinx’s first season in Bravo, December – April.


My first weekend in Bravo after I gave up on finding Hob, December, was the coldest I had ever experienced. 1,122 more words


Jinx: Virtue, Fear, Love

Bravo, October 2014. A more stylized version of a single memory.


Fear is not one of the Virtues.

I tried to remember this, watching her come toward us, but it was hard. 118 more words


Jinx: This is Halloween

Bravo, October 2014


Leks’s last dig went better than usual. She found plexi padding, which is really good, and didn’t get hurt, which was even better. 2,018 more words