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You need a foundation to build on....

Training was going great. The morning classes were growing. We had some new students. It was cool giving them what little knowledge I had. Showing them little moves or techniques. 359 more words

A Heavy Dose of Self-Hate

I HATE wrestling takedowns. Friday and Saturday I got together with a few folks for Open Mat, and we worked on some no-gi stuff for competition. 582 more words


Mario Sukata - Guide to MMA Review

This book turned out to be a pleasing journey through from the origins of MMA, through to the building blocks of the art itself. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it easy to read, informative, and in places quite engrossing. 655 more words

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

How can I improve my Jiu-Jitsu game?

Many people ask me what they need to work on to improve their Jiu-Jitsu game.  The answer is simple if you are a BJJ beginner,  WORK ON EVERYTHING!  524 more words

I got a stripe, I got a stripe, I got a stripe, hey hey hey hey....

I kept pushing. I kept trying to improve. I was training people belt ranks above me. It was awesome. Learning little details on how to improve techniques and positions. 482 more words

Giving back.

It’s great to give back once in a while, everyone needs a little recognition now and then, so the other day when I saw my training buddy Quiroz using some ages old handwraps that’s when it hit me, it’s time. 210 more words


Halloumi & Apple Medley.

I’ve recently made a conscious decision to follow a pescatarian diet. With the exception of once a week when I am able, though not encouraged to eat meat. 120 more words

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