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Jive Monkey Playlist: 4/14/14

This week is all about duets and the return of duos who just make an amazing pair. I’ve been greatly anticipating the albums for both of these artists. 1,253 more words


Jive Monkey Playlist: 4/7/14

Today’s post is all about veteran singers. Many foreign listeners may not be familiar with their work but it is important to note why they still remain relevant to today’s K-Pop listeners. 1,910 more words


Jive Monkey Playlist: 3/31/14

It’s been ages since I listened to the indie modern rock band, Zitten. They were still a duo when I last heard them. Since then Singer Sung Yong Wook took over the reins and they’ve been pretty much been laying low for two years. 620 more words

Jive Monkey Playlist

Jive Monkey Playlist: 3/24/14

This week I’m featuring second look songs.  It may not have immediately caught my attention upon first listen but the more I hear these songs, the more I am appreciating the track.


Jive Monkey Playlist: 3/17/14

There are a lot of unassuming artists out there.  Whether it’s not getting the widespread promotion or whether they’re labeled as a “faceless singer”, it’s worth noting their small contribution to the K-Pop world.


Jive Monkey Playlist: 3/10/14

And so here’s the final chapter for Nell’s Gravity Trilogy.  They released an album over a year ago called “Holding on to Gravity” and a second album called “Escaping Gravity”.  1,106 more words

Jive Monkey Playlist

Jive Monkey Playlist: 3/3/14

2NE1 is finally back!  It’s not like they’ve been away really.  But their single releases felt very mediocre.  It’s nice to hear an eclectic mix of new bold sounds from them especially the rapping in this recent mini album, “Crush”.