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TURN S01E02: Sadly Still Lacking Washington's Bible

TURN Ep. 2: Who By Fire – what a terrible episode title!!!

Welcome back to TURN, a v. serious Revolutionary War drama with zero Molester Tree Demons, Headless Horseman, or zombie Washingtons (YET.) 2,131 more words


James Montgomery Falsworth (Union Jack)

Time for the second member of the Howling Commandos spotted on a poster in Captain America: The Winter Soldier: celebrated at the Smithsonian with his squad companions, stands the British hero  722 more words


Austenland (2013)

Directed By:

Jerusha Hess


Keri Russell

JJ Feild

Jennifer Coolidge


Obsessed with Pride and Prejudice (1995), a woman travels to a Jane Austen… 70 more words

Movie Review

"Austenland"—Creative, Funny, and Just What the Doctor Ordered

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’ve hunkered down in an attempt to finish my second novel, so I’ve been a bit out of touch. I’m getting really close to completion, but in order to get there, I’ve had to put other things on hold. 369 more words


Third Star (2010)

I’ve been struggling to know exactly how to write something about this film as it really affected me. By the end I was an uncontrollable sobbing wreck . 694 more words


Austenland (2012)

Now, I wasn’t intending to get this film but I was looking for an undemanding film that was funny and didn’t involve too much thinking or understanding – basically a fluffy film. 373 more words

Colin Firth