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Ukulele Cover - What Love Really Means

The struggle of recording songs with a toddler in the house… You’ll hear it about 3/4 of the way through the song.

Anyway, I’ve been searching for a song to sing at church for a while and I came up on this one and it really touched me. 97 more words

Two Weeks of Grace

I was reading the sign so intently that I started to go off the road. “Careful!” my mom gasped. I clenched the steering wheel harder, and continued my rant. 227 more words

This Year - Less I and Me More Us and We!

I am into 2015 a little ways and I must say it’s going quite well.  I’ve found myself rejuvenated, inspired, loved, and focused.  I’ve come to see that changing, although sometimes difficult can be a releasing experience!   309 more words

New Year's Resolutions

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? I’m not typically one to make resolutions. I think that’s mostly because I’ve learned (through failure) over the years that I’m not one to stick with big, long-term goals. 67 more words


This Year (Happy New Year)

I heard a wonderful song by David and  JJ Heller this week! The lyrics are awesome and inspiring. You can imaging my elation when I saw later in the week the following post by JJ Heller… 276 more words



On the peak of earthly glory
I look back in surprise on the path I have taken
which I would never have been able to invent for myself, 164 more words


A Happy New Year Song (don't worry, it's not us singing!)

Happy 2015! Yes, a day late, but we just saw this lovely video of J.J. and Dave Heller singing their very recently written song, New Year… 39 more words

Packards' Progress