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How to analyze the jmeter performance report

After completion running your test, you can find the summary reports like this

Label - It is the label/URL of the HTTP(s) request. If “Include group name in label?” is selected in the Thread Group, then the name of the thread group is added as a prefix. 268 more words


JMeter - Pass a variable from one thread group to another


I have a JMeter test with 2 Thread Groups – the first is a single thread (which creates some inventory) and the second has multiple threads (which purchase all the inventory). 80 more words


Basics of JMeter

From my recent posts on load testing, we somehow have gained some knowledge on the same. Now its time to perform load testing using a tool. 427 more words

Load Testing

New Features In Jmeter-2.11

Apache Jmeter has six successful releases with a time gap of two years only. With every release we can see a lot of new features, enhancements, Non-Functional Changes and Bug fixes. 445 more words


JMeter, what is meant the resulting graphics?

I have the following settings:

Number of Threads(users): 10
Rump-up period(in second): 0
Target throughput (in samples per minute): 40.0

And I can not understand what is meant the resulting graphics… 60 more words

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DevNote: JSF Load Test with jMeter

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ปล. ที่ใช้ jMeter เพราะไม่มีตังซื้อ tools ครับ กิกิ (jMeter เป็น OpenSource!!!) 341 more words