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Unreadable data in the tree listener

I was recording a Siebel script in Jmeter but discovered that the data coming back was unreadable in the tree listener (see below):

The key problem was that any Regular expressions to pull out parameters would not work. 46 more words


Different kinds of jMeter tests

jMeter allows a lot of configuration and settings to simulate different kinds of load testing, Either small, large or periodically changing or increasing loads, jMeter may be close to these scenarios. 360 more words


Adding an HTTP Cookie Manager in JMeter

My teammate and I have been trying to load test the STS’ log in page since yesterday. There were no errors but we couldn’t log in into the system. 48 more words


**Some tuning tips for Jmeter property file**

For better output, please update the property file as mentioned below:


jmeter.save.saveservice.successful=true… 156 more words


Run Jmeter ssh sampler got "Kerberos username" prompt in command line

For my run ssh sampler, i configured it with username and password.

When i run it, it always prompt “Kerberos username” in the backend command line… 32 more words


Learning JMeter

QA team daily report

Started learning jMeter.

used the ff references: 

  1. http://eupqateam.wordpress.com/


Reported initial test results for 500,1000, and 1500.

Tests ran okay, although we do not understand the test results, especially the errors returned.


Jmeter Post Processor XPath Extractor example

Post processors are used for generally asserting or extracting data from the response/data received from an HTTP request.

XPath extractor is one of the many options provided by the Jmeter to work on a response or data received. 233 more words