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Jmeter Notification E-mails

Running Jmeter in headless mode is nothing special, or new. For saving bandwidth on the host machine, and ensuring more fluidity in the run it is the preferred method by more experienced automators/performance engineers. 303 more words

JMeter - quick start from setting up to increasing size.

To set up Jmeter at your local you need to follow some instruction I have mentioned below. And this will depend on the type of OS you are using. 403 more words


Jmeter with Seperate Scenario file

I wanted to start running the same Jmeter test plan but for different scenario i.e. number of users etc. I had setup all the paramters in a user defined variables and changed these between run but this lead to seperate test plan files with different scenarios. 162 more words


Generating meaningful sample Sitecore analytics data with JMeter

Note: Although the screenshots I am using are from the Experience Profile interface, which is not publicly available at time of writing, this method will work with older versions of Sitecore as well. 2,945 more words


When to Leverage Commercial Load Testing Services, and When to Go it Alone

How and where you execute load and performance testing is a decision that depends on a number of factors in your organization and even within the application development team. 1,093 more words


Performance Testing with Jmeter, the way I learnt it!

User these days go online for almost everything from getting in touch with friends to finding a job to buying stuff. And with more and more people accessing the web services, performance really becomes a good check point. 572 more words

Software Testing

Using CSV Data Set Config - Jmeter example

This post shows you how to use a the CSV Data Set Config feature in Jmeter i.e how to use a csv file in your Http Request.(P.S You can use it in a lot of other cases but this is where it is most used. 283 more words