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Jim Boeheim says of Carmelo Anthony, “it would have been better to go to Chicago”

On the court, right now, Jim Boeheim is right.

There are major other factors at play here — $47 million dollars, Phil Jackson, what his family wanted, stacks of dollar bills, Carmelo Anthony’s love of New York, and of course we’re talking about a whole lot of money — but in pure basketball terms, Boeheim is right. 424 more words

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Thibodeau calls Team USA “perfect setting” for Derrick Rose to make return

After two seasons of injury, there seems to be a lot people in Chicago that want to wrap Derrick Rose in bubble wrap until the season. 494 more words

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Time To Be a Little Melo-Dramatic

For years, we have always put Carmelo Anthony in the same conversation as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, or even Kevin Durant, as far as being one of the best players in the NBA. 1,157 more words


Pau-Booz Exchange Jersey

Paul Gasol and Carlos Boozer exchange jersey but they are not traded. Just like Ron Artest and Trevor Ariza back in summer 2009 they sign in separate deal. 745 more words


Ep. 340 Nobody's Smiling: Chicago Sports, Gun Violence, and a Favorite 5

We can’t ignore the fact that so much of our sporting culture takes place in the shadow of larger social issues. 135 more words


Storylines to Follow this NBA Season

The 2014-2015 NBA schedule was released earlier this week, and this year proves to be one of the most interesting seasons we could have in several years.  544 more words


Bulls Will Play 19 Back-To-Backs This Season

The NBA released the Bulls schedule for the upcoming season (as well as the rest of the league, obviously), and while I have a hard time getting excited about an 82-game schedule, there was one aspect of it that concerned me. 212 more words

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