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Joan Didion: My Inspiration of the Day

Both my computer screen and my iPhone are painted by the image of Joan Didion. In one, she looks at me standing  against her Stingray circa the 1960s and in the other, she sits in the car staring out as if she sees past the camera, sees past the image that most will see when they look at the black and white replica. 216 more words

Christina Stead 1: The Artist in a Totalitarian Age

i. “To write is to fight” – Stead’s arguing fiction

In the latter years of her life, having wandered for nearly half a century in Europe and America, and after her husband had died, and her ocean of stories had just about run dry, Christina Stead returned to live – and die – in her native Australia. 9,096 more words


My Former Self

I now look at a picture of myself two years ago and I can’t even recognize that person or that face.  I can’t recall what ran through my mind when I decided to join the cheerleading team, or make friends with the “popular” girls, or think that it was somehow beneficial to my life to go out every single weekend and drink away my life.  427 more words

On Life

Sneak peek

Writing About Place syllabus is almost ready to launch.

Trabuco Canyon, CA             Photo Credit: Catherine Keefe

The course is inspired by this Joan Didion quote from… 76 more words

Catherine Keefe

Week 53: A Year of Books

My childhood was littered with the beginnings of stories. I wrote them in exercise books from Woolworths – red shiny cover and useful information on the back (longest rivers, highest mountains, times tables, how many perches to a chain: all good vital stuff). 1,034 more words

“My only advantage as a reporter is that I am so physically small, so temperamentally unobtrusive, that people tend to forget my presence runs counter to their best interests.”

– Joan Didion


Reading for Writers: Joan Didion's Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Slouching Towards Bethlehem is a collection of essays by Joan Didion, all based on the theme of things coming undone. She looks at this theme from a variety of angles, both personally reflective and also commenting on society at large. 849 more words