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Lucy Liu Will Be Returning To Direct 'ELEMENTARY's Season 3

Lucy Liu will be heading to the director’s chair on her hit show, Elementary!

Liu who plays Joan Watson, will be directing a Season 3 episode, marking her second in the series’. 39 more words


Cold Tea

A crack of light slips through the gap in the door as Sherlock Holmes enters his flat.

He tugs at his scarf, and in a flourish of exposed neck and obscenely tight buttons, is entirely at home with his coat hung on the peg near the door. 246 more words


The Good Vigilante

Sherlock approaches the dark figure on the rooftop, her long legs obscured by a long coat.

“So if you’re not with the Met, or MI6, or a spook, does this count as a kink?” Her breath pools across her cheekbones, spilling out into the air. 179 more words



Vejo uma disputa acirrada na internet entre fãs de Elementares e fãs de Sherlock.

Não entendo o porquê. Afinal, são versões diferentes.

Eu gosto dos dois seriados. 268 more words


I found my tablet! And I just started watching Elementary. On another note I kind of want a turtle now.