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Visions of Joannas

This blog is named after a Joanna Newsom song, in particular the lines:

“ I saw a life and called it mine

I saw it drawn so sweet and fine… 157 more words

springy wednesday

nothing like some joanna newsom on a day like today. watch this vid for her hilariously peculiar facial expressions (love u forever joanna), if not for her unearthly lyrics & a voice that almost sounds like it’s coming from a super talented 8-year-old


Joanna Newsom, angel on earth

Over the past couple days, I have decided to take on the challenge of giving my iTunes library a complete makeover. There were so many audio files on there that were missing information and album artwork, and it was just one big inconsistent mess.  173 more words


Joanna Newsom - Good Intentions Paving Company

The only Joanna Newsom song I like. Usually her voice drives me mad, but I like the dirt and hurt in this one.


2nd Lp's...a bit late...from Brent

Sorry for the tardy post.

Seems like most of these appeared on others lists already making this a bit redundant…but here it is none the less. 56 more words

Black Sabbath

Sophomore Albums by a band.

While collecting these titles I was trying to narrow down what criteria qualified an album to make the sophomore list… best album by a band? personal meaning? 549 more words



Long journey coming up? Need to repaint the house, or count the pebbles in your driveway? This my friend is the list for you! These songs have all been chosen because they have one thing in common… they are, at least in the pop/rock world, very long. 637 more words

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