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What I Listened To When I Listened To Music This Week - Golden Fable - Ancient Blue

With the music industry creeping towards its traditional December shut down, and one of our tips for 2014 creeping in on the buzzer for a last gasp shot at musical glory, it seems as good a time as ever to review our start of the year predictions. 1,481 more words


For tiden lukker jeg ikke et øje hele natten, så der er god tid til at skrive bedrøvede digte og ligge og stirre vredt ud i mørket. 325 more words


The Rockford Files and Tumblr College Feminists: Anxiety and the Neurotic Symbolic Identity

No doubt something similar, although with strikingly different features, exists with men. After spending some time following links to various users on Tumblr, starting from the point of women in their 20s, mostly college students or recent graduates, who tended to pivot along strong feminist content, I noticed something. 1,138 more words


Joanna Newsom's Ys - A Review 8 Years Too Late

I like to consider myself rather open-minded and accepting when it comes to different forms of music.  I can usually find some quality to like or appreciate about any artist or genre.   724 more words


Milky eyed

You either LOVE or HATE Joanna Newsom. I personally LOVE her first album, the milk eyed mender. I listened to that album exclusively for about six months. 74 more words