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Traditional or Self-publish? Some inside information

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that when planning to write a book, and (god-willing) get it published, there is at least one major decision that needs to be made; how do I get my book published? 283 more words


Making the Connections

We are bombarded daily with ads wanting us to buy this product, or that service. The ads come on our televisions, tablets, phones, billboards, and in the venues we frequent for shopping. 1,023 more words

Debbie A. McClure

Ode to Scrivener

I love Scrivener. I think I might have rambled on about this before but I certainly didn’t do it justice. Joanna Penn does in her great… 228 more words


Great posts for writers

These are all posts by writers for writers. Great, inspirational and interesting, I couldn’t but share them.

This one is a neat post on how the World’s most brilliant people spend their days. 274 more words


The Clicking of Keys

The light shines down on me and my husband, both working at our laptops. I’m writing while he is programming an android garden app.

I realized tonight that the last post I had written for this blog was saved in the drafts folder instead of being published. 297 more words


The Comfort Zone!

Remember The Comfort Zone?

Tom Cruise (Pete “Maverick” Mitchell) flew his F-14 Tomcat into it during the movie Top Gun right?

Calm down Kenny Loggins it was, in fact, The Danger Zone! 489 more words

Who Are Your 3 Favorite Fiction Author-Bloggers?

By Dee Connell

I love to read blogs about writing, especially from writers who are published (self-published or traditionally published). There’s so much to learn out there! 176 more words