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Back To Square One

Autharium’s Tuesday Takeover:

Writing can be fraught with pitfalls just as much as it can be decorated with successes. What defines us as writers is how we overcome these troughs before scaling those much-fabled peaks. 1,786 more words

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New Release: The Indie Author Power Pack: How To Write, Publish & Market Your Book

For the last few months I have been secretly planning an assault on the New York Times bestseller list. Today, I can finally announce the release of the book I’m hoping will do the trick. 1,272 more words

Writer's A to Z: E for Editing

For the next 26 weeks I plan on putting up one post a week, focusing on one letter of the alphabet and how, in my mind, it links to part of the writer’s world. 1,457 more words

Writer's A-Z

Audio Author DIY: Friday Find

Here’s a most useful and practical post from Joanna Penn, on how to produce your own audio version of your book. What a gem she is…


How to have fun writing

I subscribe to author Joanna Penn’s newsletter, “The Creative Penn.” In her latest newsletter she confesses, despite having written fiction and non-fiction books, a fear of being judged. 372 more words


Watching what others are doing instead of creating our own art

I was reading Joanna Penn’s Business for Authors this morning when a sentence whacked me round the chops.

Joanna was talking about how distractions such as twitter, facebook and the internet can swallow up hours of our time… 222 more words


The Healing of Dark Fiction

Joanna Penn, from The Creative Penn, interviewed J Thorn, author of Horror and Dark Fantasy, about the dark realm and how he thrives writing about the fear.   550 more words