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A Science Fiction Feast!

By participating in my wife’s health whatchamacallit at her work (haven’t held down a job with benefits outside a vacation, so I don’t understand all the lavish extravagance the patricians enjoy) I got a hundred dollar gift card for Amazon. 651 more words

Science Fiction

How to Suppress Women's Writing by Joanna Russ

How To Suppress… doesn’t appear to have a blurb, but then, arguably, it doesn’t need one at this stage. Possibly Russ’ most famous work, and if not behind only… 614 more words


We Who Are About To..., Joanna Russ

We Who Are About To…, Joanna Russ (1975)
Review by Ian Sales

The first realistic novel in the English language is generally reckoned to be Daniel Defoe’s… 847 more words

Book Review

Not All M&Ms Are Poisoned

I wrote some time ago about the massive sense of entitlement that men have that lies behind every rape story I ever heard.

Around 7pm on Tuesday 27th May, two young girls of the Dalit caste (the lowest-rank caste in India) were grabbed by men of a higher caste who were lying in wait for them – or other girls – to go to the fields after dark to have a pee and a crap. 1,292 more words