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DAILY OBSERVATION: Obama's Secret Weapon to Reduce Unemployment

In 2008, our newly elected President made a promise (yeah, another one).  He told the American public that if Congress would only pass his trillion dollar “stimulus package,” the 10 percent unemployment rate would drop to 6.7 percent IN SIX MONTHS.  356 more words


What is or are the difference (s) between a Youth Focused, Youth Based and Youth Driven Economy? If the next generation report has any merit in it, could this regime of Austerity Measure occasioned by the fall in the price of Crude Oil be a signal and a wake up call to look at our YOUTH CAPITAL as a resource for growth in spite of their challenges? 325 more words

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President Bill Clinton: Why the Minimum Wage Should Be Raised

It should also be pointed out that tax cuts for the rich destroy jobs, because the rich take their ill gotten gains, and purchase legislation from politicians to ship jobs overseas, which does not create jobs, but destroys them, at least here in the United States. 38 more words

how about some politically inconvenient working together?

“in an email to reporters, the republican national committee on monday asked, “when did we add a ‘politically convenient clause’ to the constitution in the last four years?” – 362 more words

The Fallacy of "Job Creation", and a Vision for a new kind of Welfare

One remark too many by a politician in regards to job creation has finally pushed the Outpost of Reason into action.

I’m really not sure what all this focus on job creation is about. 331 more words

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We use neem trees to combat desertification and create jobs – Dr. Jibunoh


Talk of killing three birds with one stone! In his fight against desertification in the northern part of Nigeria which has claimed hundreds of hectares of farmland, leaving hunger, homelessness and poverty in its wake, Dr Newton Jibunoh, an engineer/environmentalist, has not only been successfully combating desert encroachment by planting neem trees, but has been reducing poverty, empowering women and youths economically and improving the educational infrastructure, teaching and learning aids in the communities. 797 more words


Banana beer

Virtually any fruit or sugary plant sap can be processed into an alcoholic beverage.
The process is well known being essentially an alcoholic fermentation of sugars to yield… 607 more words