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No Experience=No Job= No Experience

I have been currently looking for a new job/career. I have discovered like some other people my age that what I got my degree in isn’t exactly what I want to be doing. 426 more words

Resume Classes & The Bullshit That Entails Dealing With Them- They've Fucking Done It Again

For those readers who are well aware of my misfortunes of dealing with unemployment bureaucracy, I am forced to go to resume classes. SO is less than impressed and thinks I’ve made an enemy or two in there. 1,175 more words

Personal Development

Why does your generation dictate your social media ability?

Why is it that one of the biggest responsibilities an organisation has these days, is automatically given to the people with the least experience? Social media is not as easy as it seems. 236 more words

Public Relations

MOVIEMES - Utrecht 2013

MOVIEMES is a 48 hour project team, introduced by Fontys Academy For Creative Industies.

“The 48 Hour Film Project is a wild and sleepless weekend in which you and your team have a blast making a movie. 157 more words

Product Management Internship

Thomas asks…

Chemistry Internship Ideas?
Where is a good place to find an internship for a Chemistry undergraduate student? I will be starting my Junior year, so general chemistry and organic are finished. 18 more words

Primul meu loc de muncă și impactul asupra mea

Sună ca o compunere pentru școală, huh?
Am decis să scriu acest articol pentru cei ce doresc să fie independenți, să renunțe la buzunarul părinților și să încerce să își asigure singuri traiul, dar nu știu exact la ce să se aștepte când vor începe să muncească efectiv. 779 more words

Sunt Bine!

The Hunt.

Which type of hunting is the most difficult? Duck? Deer? Maybe moose! Nope, I’ll tell you what it is… job hunting.

It’s probably the most difficult, frustrating and depressing experience. 241 more words