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There is a widespread misconception about college that must be addressed and I wanted to do it in one of the first posts I write here on this blog.

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College Transition

Why having no experience can be a good thing

Last week, a member of a Facebook group I belong to posed a question about how to counter the “no experience” argument.

He’s a consultant and has been given the opportunity to put a proposal forward for a really big job with a company in an industry he’s new to. 504 more words

The Job Hunter

How college students should apply to jobs if they have no/little experience

Ways to apply to a job with no/minimal experience related to the job you’re applying to when in college:

1- Let the company know you are willing to work for pizza.   264 more words

Getting experience on the job

So it’s been 3 months since I’ve last blogged and yes I have attempted to but for some reason or another I have not been able to complete my writing. 358 more words

Rosy Callejas

Experience is a Bullshit Word

Today’s post is gonna be a bit angry. It might even qualify as a rant, but here it goes.

You know how Red said in ‘Shawshank Redemption’ that rehabilitated was a made up word? 810 more words


Make Money While Earning College Credit: INTERNSHIPS!

Internships are the best. They’re special job opportunities available only for college students, and they allow students to get part time work that count as both work experience in their fields as well as college credit–and some of them pay! 56 more words

Is the era of the unpaid internship over?

Five days a week, DePaul University junior Maggie Brawner takes the brown line from her Lakeview apartment and reports to the United Airlines headquarters in Chicago’s Willis Tower. 784 more words