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Postgraduate Networking

So I (and SO) recently spent some time away for a postgraduate networking conference. Since we decided to save money by doing similar correspondence course units, we also decided that we would go to the networking conference together.  725 more words


Changing Careers

LAST WEEK I had a conversation with a Sports Journalist for a very popular daily newspaper which was initiated by a mutual friend.

The phone call lasted around 45 minutes and if truth be told I was picking his brain about the world of publishing, getting articles into print and seeking advice about finding agents for unpublished works. 810 more words


Friday It's Friday!

It’s party time. WOO.

Bye bye work. Don’t have to deal with you.


Working Elle, Lying Queen Hag & Clique

In SO’s words, Queen Hag appears to have a “serious hard on” for causing me and my office headaches. As previously blogged about it’s not like she’s known to… 804 more words


How to Get a Job

Last week, we discussed some solutions to the classic career dilemma of “You need a job to get experience, but you need experience to get a job.” This week we’ve created a checklist for you to follow at each stage of your career. 459 more words

How to Beat the "You Need a Job to get Experience - You Need Experience to get a Job" Paradox

Have you heard the expression “You need a job to get experience, but you need experience to get a job”? Let’s talk about some of the loop holes in this Catch-22. 716 more words