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Fighting For Your Piece of the Pie

It’s ridiculous how difficult it is to get a job these days. Whether you are young or old; have a college degree or a GED, everyone is struggling to get their… 703 more words


The difficulty of job hunting

At the moment, job hunting feels like a lose-lose situation.

After applying for what seems like a hundred jobs, I either get a reply saying that I am too qualified; a reply saying that I don’t have enough experience; or no reply at all. 390 more words

The 5 Things You Must Know About Yourself as an Employee

By Arnie Fertig

Since 2008, most job hunters have been in a position of seeking just a job — that is, any job that offers some measure of security and a paycheck. 879 more words


The slap in the face of realism

When I decided to return to Australia after many years working and travelling overseas, I did not think that finding work would be a problem.  I have never been unemployed and working as a contractor for over 23 years have always found it easy to get work.   444 more words

How to handle a job offer when you're waiting on another one

You’ve finally made it and gotten a solid job offer, but are you celebrating too soon?

While it’s a struggle to get noticed by HR and hiring managers for coveted positions, you may encounter a rare situation when you interview for more than one role — ending up with an offer from one employer while you’re waiting to hear back from another (which you prefer more). 291 more words


Further Job Hunting Woes

Alas.. The interview I had last Thursday went nowhere. Just got a call today saying that I wasn’t selected for the position. Well, that’s not how they worded it, she actually said “We managed to fill the position, so we won’t be continuing with your application”. 336 more words

How to Find a Job Efficiently

They say that looking for a job is a full-time job in itself – and that’s not hard to believe when you consider just how many job sites are out there. 1,287 more words

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