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Job Hunting for College Grads: A Survival Guide

For most college seniors, spring is a great time of year. The weather is warmer, their theses are (hopefully) done, and end of the year parties are blooming. 2,225 more words


Setting up a Business.

And neither of them is for a paying job… So, if you can’t find a job….make a job! I give up now. I’m going to make my own media company up from scratch. 112 more words


Job Hunter Follow Up: Holly Luetkenhaus

Holly Luetkenhaus took the Job Hunter’s survey on January 27, 2014.

Her responses appeared as Put yourself in the best position to get hired

Your Background… 1,472 more words

Library Hiring

How To Network Without Being a Douche

Try this exercise:

Stick your finger down your throat and try to find the exact point where you feel your uvula quivering, but don’t actually gag. 771 more words

When your job search doesn't go the way you want it to...

I have been a little sad and depressed lately.  I am struggling to motivate myself to grade my student’s papers.  I also have an erratic sleeping schedule, which is not recommended by my neurologist.  238 more words


Stressed, Depressed, and Messed...But On Meds!!!

Lately I have been having really bad anxiety, my depression is acting up again and I’m becoming very impatient with a lot of things, I cry over the littlest things if I’m not already pissed off about them everything has become numb to me. 472 more words

Working with Color and Fonts

Your choice of color and fonts when creating documents are much more important than you may realize. Below is a couple of links to websites that discuss these important choices. 63 more words