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Monday Prescription - Should I be in LA?

Hi Film Folk,

We hope you’ve enjoyed/are enjoying the April festivities (if such is relevant to you) and are ready to dive into another week of work? 933 more words

Oli Gots

A New Job Offer

As some may know, I have been unemployed for nearly five years. In that time I have applied to hundreds of jobs, most of which I know for which I am well qualified. 243 more words

Life As Fun

Happy Easter, Y'all!

Guys, I honestly did NOT realize that it had been so long since i updated!  I sincerely apologize.

This weekend, across the world, was of course Easter Weekend.   391 more words

Crafting a powerful elevator pitch...

Tell me about yourself…the dreaded question that can conjure up fear, panic, confusion…you have those 30 seconds, sometimes less, to sell yourself and the who, what and why of YOU and in those 30 seconds you can make your case, set the tone and leave a lasting impression on your receiver. 1,329 more words


An Applicants Guide to Job Ads (part 2)

This tip for people creating job adverts can be summarised in the following conversation.

Me: I see you are advertising a marketing role but it does not have any salary information.

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Who knew my friend's ex-husband was so hot????

Well, I’ve accomplished SFA since my last post that would be considered remotely productive or conducive to actually finding a job. And ridiculously enough, I can’t even really get myself all worked up and stressed out over the fact I’m being a lazy ass on that front. 878 more words


How NOT To Conduct A Job Interview

I know I’ve talked about a number of different topics on this blog, and in the coming posts, I plan to tell you a little about my plans for the blog, my work life, and my writing. 1,503 more words