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What Tina Fey and I Have in Common

I read Tina Fey’s book, Bossypants, a few years back. Today, I was reminded of a scenario Tina Fey recalled in which she had a job interview. 665 more words


Ovation: Alfred Ajani’s Pay-It-Forward Train Station Job Search.

Toward the very end of my college career, I attended a few seminars that the school offered centered around topics like “Building a Resume” and “How To Prepare For An Interview”.  502 more words



I have an interview scheduled for today at 3 pm with LifeScript!  It’ll be my first real interview since I applied for my internship at Converze Interactive.   30 more words


kenny loggins, capuchin monkeys & the island of misfit toys: a perfect storm of job interview absurdity.

The year was 1994. The Internet was barely a thing and jobs openings were listed in newspapers, not on websites. I was young, just out of college and looking for my first “real” job. 1,102 more words


Chinese Fortunes Do Not Equal Causation

I find fortune cookies to at least be entertaining, if nothing else. I cracked this one open and had to chuckle. I’ve been laid off my primary job for the past two weeks and quit my second job over a month ago. 401 more words

Just For Funsies

I Do? – Deciding Whether or Not to Marry Your Career

By Audrey Rome 

It was love at first sight. You found everything you ever dreamed of and more. You found the open door that will support your future, hopes, and dreams. 829 more words