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Nailing the interview

With youth unemployment on the rise, it’s more important than ever that we are as prepared as can be when looking for jobs in such a competitive market. 879 more words

Stephanie Azzopardi

Unemployment among twentysomethings

The Job Hunt

There it is, the long-awaited call! Hastily you pick up your phone, you hear a voice saying ‘good morning sir/madam, I would like to invite you for a job interview at our office this Thursday afternoon. 496 more words

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Everything went from “maybe we’ll call you” to actually getting the phone call so Friday is the day of the interview at 8am sharp. I’ve only ever been to one job interview, most of the numerous job applications I have sent have never gotten to the interview stage so I have no experience with that stuff but something tells me I’ll be okay. 244 more words

Super Tip Tuesday- 5 Questions You Should Have Good Answers To During An Interview

You should always be prepared AND confident when you go in to a job interview. It’s your ONE time to grab their attention and see that you are the BEST choice for the position they are offering. 271 more words

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"Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?"

If you find yourself asked some version of this question in a job interview, you should have a solid answer prepared in advance as it’s more than predictable. 892 more words

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Huge Sigh of Relief

This is a good quote. I am going to print it out and put it on my refrigerator. I will see it there, heading for the ice cream……….. 249 more words

Job Interview

The Job Interview: America's Workforce, Jerry Lewis, and Me

I was thinking last evening about how, as 81-year-old Joan Rivers lays in a coma in a hospital, the generation of entertainment that we Baby Boomers watched and listened to at the movies and on television, from youth to adulthood, is slipping away. 1,006 more words