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Dating is pressure and tension. What is a date really, but a job interview that lasts all night. The only difference is that in not many job interviews is there a chance you’ll wind up naked at the end of it.

- Jerry Seinfeld

Talking about myself without cringing

One month. Over 50 introductions (in person or virtually). 24 interviews. Still no offers – but what a journey so far!

Slightly exhausted but strangely invigorated. 271 more words

Positive Thinking

Thoughts on a Thursday

1. I just finished re-re-reading Mocking Jay in anticipation for the movie which opens tomorrow (technically it opens tonight at midnight but I’m old and lame). 235 more words

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This Job Applicant Who Stabbed His Potential Boss During An Interview Did Not Get The Job

All right! Before we even get started here, I’ll give you one guess as to what special ingredient led to the stellar decision making in this story. 218 more words

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December 2014 Pirate Career Cast: Mastering the Interview

Want to strengthen your interviewing skills? Join us on Wednesday, December 3 at 8:00 p.m. for the Pirate Career Cast on how to “Master the Art & Science of Interviewing.” 129 more words

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Insight _ "Likkke oh my god?!" Your inner Valley Girl may be holding you back.

In a new study in PLOS, women with vocal fry (a sound akin to that all too familiar cute girl voice and elonnngattted sennteennceeess) are perceived as less competent and less intelligent than her peers. 201 more words

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6 Common Mistakes That Ruin Interviews

There are many phases in a job hunt from profile writing, to resume crafting to the art of the interview. Unfortunately so much time and effort goes into the first two that  982 more words

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