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Week 28, Day 2 - Not stressed.. for some reason!

*Just inside day 2 of this week and still plodding on. 

Right now I’m in a weird place, overall this year has been fantastic but September is shaping up to be less than ideal yet I’m not particularly stressed. 161 more words

How to spot a fake job ad - by Claire Dunn

Candidates are complaining recruiters advertise phantom positions just to fish for candidates.

The hundreds of new job ads posted online daily is for pundits the sign of a thriving jobs market – but how many of them are real? 212 more words

Job Interviews

Not Getting The Job You've Been Interviewing For? Have You Checked Your Google Search Results or Facebook Lately?

Are you failing to get the job(s) you’ve been interviewing for lately? If so, you may want to search your name on Google to see what results appear. 659 more words

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Some basic tips on job interviews for you.

Recruitment and job interviews is a world in which I am really interested from both sides recruiter and job seeker. The more interviews I do as a potential recruiter the more I learn. 485 more words

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I was supposed to have 2 phone interviews this week. I had one and the other was scheduled for right now. The person called me 10 minutes ago and cancelled stating they were putting the job on hold for a couple of weeks. 20 more words

10 weirdest reasons for blowing off a job interview

It’s safe to say, summer is the prime time of year for skipping out on work-related commitments and just chilling. With the silly season winding down, British recruiting firm Aspire asked its headhunters in the U.K., Singapore, and Hong Kong to recall the strangest excuses they’d heard lately from candidates who either came late to job interviews or never turned up at all. 265 more words


HackerRank 'gamifies' technical job recruiting for game companies (exclusive)

Finding skilled game programmers isn’t easy. So HackerRank has built a recruiting tool that “gamifies” the process, or applies game-like mechanics to nongame tasks to get people more engaged. 517 more words