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Ask the Employment Specialist: Am I Really Overqualified for the Job?

Dear Joanna:

I was invited for a job interview last week for a senior accountant position and didn’t get a job offer. When I asked for feedback from the hiring manager, he said that I was “overqualified”. 850 more words

JVS Toronto

Job Interview

One day maybe people who work in HR will understand this.

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.


Are You a Creative Employee?

If you think you aren’t a creative employee, you might want to think again. And if you aren’t being creative in some way, can you change that? 528 more words

Career Management (General)

Job Hunts

So I literally woke up one day and was like I guess I should start looking for jobs. Next day they called, set up an interview, and the day after that I had an interview! 146 more words


new lease

Life has been a little busy this past week. I’ve had back-to-back job interviews, apartment-hunting woes, roommate drama, and celebrating my birthday (in the form of a week-long splurge away from healthy eating and fitness goals). 779 more words


"Real" Jobs

I work at an ice cream shop. It is a fun job, and it will pay the bills until I graduate in the spring, but it will by no means pay off my student loans. 582 more words

Making A First Impression

You never get a second chance to make…

A good first impression.

Talk about pressure! The permanency of that first glance, first handshake, first moment, is nerve inducing in itself, never mind all the work of giving the perfect answers and demonstrating your amazing qualifications. 457 more words