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The Most Dangerous Game: Job Hunting

Job hunting isn’t an innate skill.  You’re expected to learn how to find a job by experience.

This is how it’s always been: in high school you get a part-time job and make a ton of mistakes, and once you’re ready for a career path you know how to look for something. 1,302 more words

On Life

Pieces of Wisdom I Learned from My Supervisor (2)

Create options

“Academic life is so full of contingency that you will only survive if you keep creating options. You never know which door you’ll go through eventually, but it is important to have a door open somewhere at all phases of your career.” My supervisor told me this a couple of times, not only during the PhD phase, but particularly after the dissertation had been defended and the academic career rat race started. 572 more words


All the styles of academic head shots

Graduate school is a time for necessary and unnecessary worries.

I am unnecessarily worried about academic head shots, because I do not know how to convey that I am simultaneously professional (but not in an investment banker kind of way), approachable (but not in a “let’s be best friends” kind of way), well-dressed and made-up (but not too fashionable), confident (but not too aggressive), humble (but not a pushover), awake (but still in need of coffee), a team player (but not in a way that would require me to use the word “synergy”), mature enough to not be mistaken for a student, etc. 330 more words

Some Of The Greatest Tips So You Can Make An Online Income

TIP! Watch out for online scams. You can make money online, but you can also lose money online.

With the worldwide job market still stuck in a serious depression, more and more people are looking for money-making opportunities online. 1,468 more words

Foreign Language and the Job Market

Right now, I’ve been told that the job market is really really really in the pits. It’s hard to find a job that leads to a career in the field we went to school for. 788 more words