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Study Abroad... BUT Why?

Welcome to my blog series on study abroad! Study abroad is becoming an increasingly important and valued part of a college education. This series will first look at why study abroad is important for personal development and success in the job market, then will move on to ‘getting off the veranda’ (or the importance of true immersion during a study abroad experience), and finish with how students can make their experience ‘work for them’ by providing tips on how to showcase their international experiences. 703 more words

Education Opportunity

No Experience=No Job= No Experience

I have been currently looking for a new job/career. I have discovered like some other people my age that what I got my degree in isn’t exactly what I want to be doing. 426 more words

Today Two Roads features an article and video message by Patrick Burnside, a Two Roads Senior Account Executive. Patrick has been a staffing and recruitment specialist for over 15 years, with experience in engineering and technology. 276 more words

Industry News

Race, Class, Gender, Ranking, and Hiring

Marcus Arvan has posted and commented upon data on this year’s tenure track hires over at Philosopher’s Cocoon, and Helen De Cruz and Carolyn Dicey Jennings have each made use of it in different posts over at NewAPPS. 42 more words

Resumes are the most useless recruiting tool for hedge funds

Wall Street careers continue to attract students from America’s elite universities. With thousands of graduates jostling to break into the industry, it has become increasingly difficult for young hopefuls to stand out from the crowd. 638 more words

How to set out a successful C.V. – Part 1

We’ve heard many reports now that the job market is improving. The green shoots of growth are, apparently, stimulating expansion and confidence in businesses which is having the knock-on effect of creating new jobs.  782 more words

Executive Coaching

The Generation of Student Loans

I remember when I was kid and I could not wait to grow up. I dreamed of what my first apartment would look like. How I would dress. 735 more words