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5 Steps To Present Your Best Self During An Interview

If you needed to convince someone that Girl Scout cookies are delicious or that rainbows were really beautiful, you’d have to first know what the cookies taste like and what rainbows look like – right? 745 more words

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Are You Second Guessing Your Career Choice?

You finally got your dream job. Everything is coming up roses. You couldn’t be happier! Well, at least at first. Then, like almost everyone else, you start to realize the job wasn’t everything you’d hoped for. 561 more words


Overqualified? So What?

Picture this scenario: you walk into an interview, you nail every question, your chemistry with the interviewer is undeniable, you’re told that they love you and think you’d be a great fit and that you’ll hear from them soon. 491 more words

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Interview Blues and Golds

I never knew having an interview go so shitty could make me feel so much better about myself (I must do this more often).

But seriously, I intend to. 503 more words


What Does Being 'Overqualified' For A Job Actually Mean?

If you have ever been informed that you are overqualified for a particular position, there may have been other underlying reasons for your not moving further in the selection process. 584 more words

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Tools of the Trade

Now that you’re settled into the school year, you’ve started setting (and keeping!) job search goals, and you’re feeling like a rock star – how about some tools and technology to help keep you on track? 469 more words