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Why Blog about My Job Search

After 9 months of Job seeking and responding to countless adverts, talking with consultants almost all who say that I have wonderful skills and it should be no problem to find a job. 615 more words


And so it begins...

I’ve applied to almost 20 online job postings in a week.

I’ve also physically gone and explored the new hometown picking up applications.

It’s exhausting. 21 more words

Daily Workings Of C

What's the USA Got Against Hard Workers?

I’ve been researching quite a bit and the current socialistic path the USA is headed on is disgusting. Horrible unemployment rates, constant inflation, steadily increasing taxes, an escalating national debt that I’ll be surprised the USA ever pays off, Nanny-State politics (politics that state individuals are too stupid to take care of themselves, so why not let the government take care of them since it can do so much better?), Robin Hood economics (taking from the shrinking number of haves and giving to the increasing amount of have-nots…otherwise known as income redistribution) and various other situations. 695 more words


(Early) Post-Grad Job Hunt Update

It’s almost graduation time and I’m on the prowl…

For a job, of course!

I have started sending out my resume to various places in the District and NYC. 146 more words

Why Rent Apartment? Dubai Expats Share Ideas

Many people who have been accepted in some companies located in Dubai really have to relocate. However, one of the most common problems they experience is the place to stay. 309 more words


UCF College of Business Launches Office of Professional Development

UCFs College of Business has taken a step to reshape the role advising plays in the education of our students. The Office for Career Connections and Undergraduate Student Services have been merged to form the Office for Professional Development. 416 more words


Mystic's Approach to Job Search obsoletes Cool-aid, (unless a marry prankster procured it for you personally) fairy dust, and even reason

So I’m sitting around in a “computer resource room”… that’s filled with PCs… as my job coach / counselor works on this resume of mine.. that we did last week but couldn’t find today… for whatever reason. 689 more words