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10 reasons why I loved job sharing

This will be completely personal and more than likely of no interest to anyone except myself. Luckily I have no followers of this blog, he he. 689 more words

Job Sharing

Georgia and Rebecca report from 'the other side'

Isn’t it fascinating to see how BP supports flexible working in this 4 minute video with working mothers, Rebecca and Georgia, who are job sharing? … 268 more words

Job Sharing

Slow Coaching Paket 1 - Großes Tabula rasa

Paket 1: Großes Tabula rasa


1x5h Walk & Talk Coaching, Müggelsee Berlin

4x3h Walk & Talk Coaching, Müggelsee Berlin

Für wen ist dieses Paket besonders gut geeignet – ein paar Beispiele: 567 more words


How those spoiled millennia's will make the workplace better for everyone

Have you heard the one about the kid who got his mom to call his boss and ask for a raise? Or about the college student who quit her summer internship because it forbade Facebook in the office? 698 more words

December 2014

Jobsharing Top Tip #3: Trust Your Partner

In my blog post earlier this year I wrote about the importance of Trust in achieving speed in business which feeds into productivity, effectiveness and cost. 701 more words

Flexible Working

Customized Employment

In the article last Sunday, Moving in a New Direction, I stated that I feel Mark is better supported in a segregated environment where staff is trained to deal with his and many others’ special needs. 534 more words