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How to work with someone you're not friends with anymore?

I must have done something really wrong in this world to deserve this. That or I still work in the same company when I should have changed a long time ago. 312 more words

Reblog: How to Probably, Maybe, With Some Luck, Get a Job in Public Radio

How to get your dream job, if that dream happens to be working in public radio (which sounds like an amazing job, doesn’t it?). Next I want to interview someone who actually DOES work in public radio and see if it’s truly as amazing as I think. 6 more words

Rare Work

Three In Order (2014)

1. Do well in school.
2. Graduate.
3. Get a job.
Time spent-
Towards the goal, of employment.


Disheartening times at the you'll-never-have-a-career fair

Job searching… I could really leave it at that.

A few weeks ago my school held a career fair for criminal justice, psychology, and non-profit work. 408 more words

Senior Year

9 to 5 sucks

In 90% of cases it’s the reason people drink.

Bosses, coworkers, routine, limited free time, excel spread sheets, monthly reports, wasting the best years of your life stuck in a cubicle doing stuff for companies who don’t really care about you. 97 more words

9 To 5

Human Faithlessness

Something sprung immediately to mind today after an interaction with one of the Mean Girls at my first job of the morning “you may have a great reputation as a teacher but plenty also know you as self-absorbed bollock of the highest order; you may be great at what you do, but as a human being you are well and truly lacking.” 363 more words

Guru Speak: Towards A Sustainable Theory And Practice Of Motivation At Work-Place And Home Alike

Q: The concept of ‘nishkama karma’ (work without attachment to the outcome) espoused in Bhagwat Gita seems to allow for employers to deny employees and also to accept perfunctory performance. 730 more words