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Job himself recovers by his praying for them

In this passage near the end of the book, Job appears preeminently as an effective petitioner on behalf of his friends. These men are restored to God’s favor by Job’s praying for them, and Job himself recovers by his praying for them.

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160. First Day of Work!

I’m at one of those funny stages in life where I KNOW that my life is going to completely change. No more can I be a scruffy student attending lectures and agonizing over maths problems… Nope now I’ve got to be a classy sociable consultant (such a fancy term for basically chatting to people). 305 more words

Whatever You Do

I love The Office, and this quote really hits home for me. { source }

Gentle Reader,


A job.

I hear your collective sigh. 877 more words


New Growth

This summer has not only been a time of budding new plants, vegetables, shrubs and trees, but also a time of growth for me. As I grow older, it becomes easier to notice the changes within myself. 714 more words


Update: the man who made me feel uncomfortable

So I went to the job centre.

I got asked to sit in the usual waiting area, but there was only one seat spare.

I took it and then realised that I was sat next to the man who several weeks ago made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. 193 more words

#398: Holiday Pay

Since today is Labor Day and like many companies in the US the company I work for is officially closed. However, since we are currently a bit behind on our work and it always gets even more backed up when we have a weekday off, we could come in this morning for a half day of work and get paid double time for the time we worked. 85 more words


4 Tips to Building Powerful Relationships

It’s important to build and maintain your network before you need it

All businesses — regardless of industry or whether it’s a business-to-business or sells directly to consumers — rely on relationships. 491 more words