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Depression at 4am

Ever been wide awake at an early hour, say, four? And you’re not exactly sure why you’re up but you get to thinking about… 180 more words


Is a Robot going to be taking over your Job soon? On Stitcher Radio

Ross Reynolds talks with Andrew McAfee, principal research scientist at the Initiative on the Digital Economy at MIT, about whether robots will replace all our jobs. 18 more words


NEW JOB: I Will be a Baker

This one’s short and sweet.

I’ve got a new job, a new direction, and soon, a new body clock.

I’ve handed in my notice at Verden, not because I’m not happy, but because I realised that I didn’t enjoy the pressure of ‘service’ and having to accurately time when my cod fillet and sea-veg would be ready. 101 more words

I WIll Be A Life

First week of work

Well , it’s only been a week of work and it’s pretty boring . Most people would complain that they don’t want wanna work or they have too much work . 81 more words

Why your job should make you uncomfortable

By Steve Errey

There’s a guy I know who’s simply amazing at his job. He’s an executive level creative at a global marketing agency, and besides being great to work with, he has an eye for visual design that’s pretty much unparalleled. 536 more words


Bayard Needs a Marketing Administration Officer

Bayard Assumption Media Foundation (BAMF) is an international publishing company owned by the Augustinians of the Assumption. The company is present in the United States, in Europe, in Africa, and in Asia; in the Philippines it has been established since 2008. 354 more words

Job Posting

Job satisfaction – is it possible?

As I go through the host of articles available online on leadership, management, motivation, and happiness, I’m struck by the following facts about the corporate workplace today: 1,621 more words

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