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My life is like a roundabout right now

I woke up today and felt like I was on the Hyde park corner roundabout. You know, the one in London where no matter how many times you drive on it, you are always a bit confused about which lane you should be in, and which exit is the best one for your end destination. 308 more words

The Capital

Do you remember your first time at work? Whether it is at a restaurant or a corporate company, first time at work is always exhilarating. 490 more words

Wedding photography…..eeeepp!!


So… I’ve been asked to do the photography at a friends wedding…(a massive honor of coarse)…but I’m super, super nervous!

 I’ll give you a bit of background before I waffle on, I’ve done a HND in photography a long while ago (I won’t say how long, I feel old just trying to work it out :/ ), so I know the basics and the theory. 721 more words

Two Down

Well,  I’ve started the process of actively searching for a new job.

Where I’m at is definitely not where I want to be, and the only person who can change that is me. 570 more words

365 Day Blog Challenge

Interviews For World's Toughest Job--Offers No Salary, No Sleep & No Benefits (VIDEO)

Check out these interviews as people apply for the world’s toughest job. The job requires the applicants to work 365 days per year, offers no pay and no benefits. 58 more words


Here and now.

Back in 1999 my first job was as a salesman of encyclopedias. It was an interesting experience. So many good-and bad things happened to me that year. 284 more words


Message to all the moms out there

I know mother’s day has passed a while ago, but this just reminded me that celebrating your mother should be an all day every day occasion, just as much as celebrating your dad is though, let’s not forget about him, but for now all I can say is if you’re a mom then you’re absolutely AWESOME!!