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She and Me

Julie has never talked that much before and spoke about her past with so much depth. When you’re alive you have so much pain and secrets to hide because fear of judgments and having something so dark over your life. 1,059 more words


On Love

At this point the fact forces itself on my attention that beside the field of reflection there is another equally broad if not broader area in which rational understanding and rational modes of representation find scarcely anything they are able to grasp.

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Apply, Earn and Be Successfull!

Exclusive for Filipinos out there. Looking for a job and you have already tried all websites? You might wanna try this one and be successful for your family and yourself. 14 more words


Thought of the day 2014-12-19

The one thing I took most in heart at my first job, was the lesson of ” blind leading the blind.” It was a situation where I simply passed on a request without understanding the details or the specifics. 70 more words

Subject Matter

Customer Service - Something You Should Do

In my opinion, I believe everyone should work in some kind of customer service/service job at least once in their life.

I have seen so many people just be flat-out RUDE to people who are paid a rather low wage to serve them and help them. 257 more words

Customer Service


Another crisp morning in sun drenched december paradise.  Another 20 minite wait at a trainstation.  Another bleary eyed confessional written on a damp bench. Another awkward onlooker. 590 more words

2014 Highlights of my year:

Given that the year is almost at an end, I decided to write a small ode to 2014.

2014 has been a year of loss, adventure, and many memories that I will never forget. 390 more words