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One Resume To Rule Them All!

Before looking at our assigned readings as well as our class discussion on LinkedIn I had a great deal of anxiety that could be summed up by one simple yet might mind numbing question: “What am I going to do when I graduate?” The fear of having to find a sturdy job in today’s competitive job market is overwhelming to say the least. 217 more words

All right. I didn’t get a chance to write last weekend. My girlfriend and I went down to my parents’ house. It was a bit strange going down there. 1,988 more words


25 recruiters you meet while jobhunting

During my time searching for gainful employment I’ve gone through my fair share of interviews. Although most recruiters have a similar set of questions, there were definitely some interesting individuals that I encountered in my quest for the perfect job…which is still continuing by the way. 801 more words


getting ready for an interview

Everyone who has ever been interviewed for a job, internship or even some kind of a volunteer work, understands that any interview needs proper preparation. 400 more words


The Nicest Guy in the Biz: John Alabaszowski from Maclaren McCann

What an extremely cool and collected dude!

Our guest speaker John Alabaszowski or John A. (he addressed that it is cool to call him by this name…phew!) was no stranger to our Web Design program because he was once a co-advisor/teacher for the concluding independent project a few years ago at Sheridan College. 2,270 more words


Portland Bound!

A few months ago, a former library school classmate (who’s now a librarian) asked if I’d be part of a panel proposal based on an article he and two of his librarian colleagues published, called “ 122 more words

Professional Development

Graduate Struggles

As I’ve mentioned earlier in another post, that I recently finished my undergraduate studies. Like any other graduate who majored in something that does not translate directly into a job description, I’ve been having a hard time defining my career. 362 more words