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Waiting for that call

Boys and jobs. Two seemingly completely different things but both just as difficult to find. I’ve recently been looking for both so consider myself well versed on the dating game and the job hunt. 394 more words

Why is Kickstarter a big deal? BP9

Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform that strives to help bring creative ideas to life by giving them a means to gain the funds they need to get off of the ground. 197 more words


Networking & Personal Branding BP7

In the chapters we read leading up to this blog post, the primary focus was how to make yourself a stronger presence on the web, for your own benefit. 255 more words


The job hunt mare

Job hunting, post graduation is a long and frustrating process. After sending out countless CVs, the rejection and suspense of waiting for a positive response leads to an array of emotions. 96 more words


The Life of A Programmer


I just finished school last Wednesday and I have never been more terrified of what is to come. I had my first programming interview and couldn’t have been more nervous. 152 more words


This is how I wake up!

Rejection is undeniably the ego crushing tornado of life. My job search has opened me up to countless ways of being unwanted. I have finally given up, I think. 183 more words

The Basics.

Let me start here with the very basics of the job hunt. Some reminders. Some tips. Some common sense:

  1. Never lose your PROFESSIONALISM Whether you are writing an email, talking to someone at a networking event, at an interview or maintaining a presence on social media — BE…
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