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The StAGE Between the Soldier and the Justice.

It’s been a year since I graduated from law school. I have taken the bar exam more than once, am waiting to hear back on my most recent bar exam results, have sent out many job applications without hearing back on any of them, and just deferred yet again on my substantial loans for another six months. 1,188 more words


To Grad School, or Not to Grad School? That is the Question.

It’s a question I’ve been pining over for years. I can feel my preteen self tugging at my heart strings (and hippocampus) saying, ” Go, Katy, go! 683 more words


There's no such thing as "employers"

I just bought Dick Bolle’s What Colour Is Your Parachute? 2015 because it was on discount! :D And as usual, I love his books. I love the conversational style of writing and how advanced his advice on job hunting is (he rewrites his book every year since 1970! 295 more words

Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there”

A Sunday night in September and I couldn’t sleep, so I told myself I need to write a blog.

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Time check: 9:35 AM

I have been editing this cover letter for almost two hours now. Ugh, I hate doing this. I wish one of these days, a company would call me and bam! 140 more words


Back to School... Back to School *Billy Madison reference*

When experiencing a first day of anything, whether it is school or work, you are often filled with mixed emotions and expectations for what is to come… 636 more words


Underpaid, Overqualified - Welcome to Canada's Workforce

I love the Dayre app, because you can have a timeline-ish view of all the entries you’ve made so far. It’s interesting to see just from the titles the ups and downs of even a short time in someone’s life! 1,092 more words