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The Life of A Programmer


I just finished school last Wednesday and I have never been more terrified of what is to come. I had my first programming interview and couldn’t have been more nervous. 152 more words


This is how I wake up!

Rejection is undeniably the ego crushing tornado of life. My job search has opened me up to countless ways of being unwanted. I have finally given up, I think. 183 more words

The Basics.

Let me start here with the very basics of the job hunt. Some reminders. Some tips. Some common sense:

  1. Never lose your PROFESSIONALISM Whether you are writing an email, talking to someone at a networking event, at an interview or maintaining a presence on social media – BE…
  2. 1,310 more words

Going in too many directions

Good Evening,

I’m writing this post to talk about something dear and near to my heart. My Career.

You see, I have been without a 9 to 5 job for 30 days now. 242 more words

My JobHunt Journey

Another November is Here.

I really have started to feel that time is passing by so quickly. I don’t know if that’s a function of being older and not having everything being new or if it’s a function of being at work and not being able to feel the passage of time. 1,390 more words


One Resume To Rule Them All!

Before looking at our assigned readings as well as our class discussion on LinkedIn I had a great deal of anxiety that could be summed up by one simple yet might mind numbing question: “What am I going to do when I graduate?” The fear of having to find a sturdy job in today’s competitive job market is overwhelming to say the least. 217 more words

All right. I didn’t get a chance to write last weekend. My girlfriend and I went down to my parents’ house. It was a bit strange going down there. 1,988 more words