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Even with the fact that my days are not filled with too much activity, days pass by pretty fast. There is not really a difference in days anymore, weekends or weekdays, I don’t really feel a difference. 406 more words

Stories Of The Soul

Day 21 September is coming to an end


I don’t think I have done or accomplish much on a day to day basis since I lost my job. I would think that the days would feel longer since everyday is kind of the same thing, yet it has been passing by faster than I hoped it would. 189 more words


Being a Stay-At-Home Mom (SAHM)

I had the notion that I would always be an educator and retire after my 30+ years of service. That dream began to fade away as I saw how the quality of the public education system was slowly dwindling. 421 more words

Day 20 Motivation from a pirate


I love One Piece.

For those that are unfamiliar with that name, it’s a manga that started in 1997 about a boy call Monkey D Luffy who set sail to become the pirate king. 195 more words


Day 19


A guy that I met at some single’s event has been calling me quite frequently. I suspect that he has lucked out with a couple of people and thus is trying his luck with me. 111 more words


Day 18 Free internet vs freezing to death


Still no Internet.
Macdonald’s free internet is not as good as the library, but I think they deliberately make the study area arctic freezing cold so that you would not be able to comfortably stay there the whole day. 142 more words


I am a feminist housewife

My husband has a very lovely godmother, who is now 84 years old. She is posh, classy and has helped us a lot in every possible way over the past few years. 694 more words