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Comic Rack Snarkfest ep 1 Doc Martens & a Latte

In this episode Darrell shares his experiences at the most recent New York Comic Con and some of the news that came out of it. Gotham, Walking Dead premiere, Wytches #1, Batgirl #35 & much more… 38 more words


Wytches #1


Release Date:  10/8/14

Words:  Scott Snyder

Pictures:  Jock

The Sitch:

Sailor Rook is a teenage outcast looking for a new start, trying to heal from her own personal brush with terror.   356 more words


Hall Pass

Hall passes.

These aren’t the traditional hallway passes we know from middle school.

No, these are the hall passes that give you a night, a weekend, or a week off from your relationship to play with whomever you want. 417 more words


Everything Isn't As It Seems

Well life is ironic. It’s full of ups and downs, things you never think will happen but do, and a constant learning cycle. That in itself is not ironic, but rather the way in which these things typically come about, however, is ironic. 647 more words

Wytches #1 (Image)

Rating: 5/5 – A Horror Comic That is Genuinely Scary.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

The first issue of Wytches by Image Comics, in just the first five pages, does its best to introduce the reader to what it sets out to be, and that’s a horror comic. 440 more words


Wytches #1

Wytches issue one by Scott Snyder and Jock arrived in the post this morning. I have a bad habit of sitting on single issues for months until I have the complete arc (why not wait and buy the trades you ask? 123 more words


Be Who You Are

This is a real problem for lots of people. They try to be who others want them to be. Kids with 62 averages try to call themselves nerds. 165 more words