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The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (01/22/15)

A new survey says women prefer geeks over jocks! Plus, do you need permission from your spouse before redecorating the house or making a major purchase? 144 more words


Sorry Guys, But Women Prefer A Geek Over A Jock

A new survey asked women if they’d rather marry a guy who’s a tech entrepreneur or a football player and 9x more women want the geek! 62 more words


Mitchel Harding + The Todd Sanfield Collection + Calvin Brockington = Success!

In previous posts, we talked about an irresistible male underwear collection, very unique and designed with a sporty look, debuted for the first time in 2010 and its collection have produced two different lines for the modern man. 350 more words

Male Model


They look like they up to something.


Rant #3 Echosmith is cool, he is not.

Before I rant, as usual, if you don’t think Echosmith is cool, I’m okay with it, I respect your opinion and I hope you respect mine. 278 more words


The Todd Sanfield Underwear Collection

Have you ever tried The Todd Sanfield Underwear?

If you answer was yes, you are an experienced user with a great taste in fashion and know what is good for you to wear down there, but if you answer was no, shame on you; you really need to go ahead and try this underwear, you are missing an excellent product, get it right now! 281 more words

Male Model