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THE SPORTING LIFE: The Glory of Bahrain

For a guy who decided to follow F1 Grand Prix racing based on little more than a couple of movies and a growing disgust with the NFL, I couldn’t have picked a better time to do it. 1,206 more words


The War of the World Series of All Your Baseball

When the alien invaders came,
they ordered us to play this game,
to see how we stacked up against the galaxy.
Like Calvinball hang-gliding aimed… 722 more words


THE SPORTING LIFE: Madness, F1 and Opening Day

So here we are, 60 games into the Madness, three remaining, and I’m down to one team. The good news? My one remaining team is going to win the title – Florida is the only team in this group of chumps that’s likely to win, although Kentucky’s youth has an outside shot. 783 more words


Part 5: This Has A Plot... Right?

As Blake walked away from his talk with Dr. Adler, a pair of eyes watched him from the nearby bushes. A pair of binoculars were lowered. 436 more words

The Story That Never Ends


Here’s a good way to start today’s installment of The Sporting Life:

Cuban also reiterated his belief that fantasy football might turn out to be a passing fad, and that if people turn away from fantasy football, they’ll turn away from the NFL as well.