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Could Juan Martinez fail to pass Go?

The crazy soap opera that is the Jodi Arias trial rumbles on, with revelations that Juan Martinez, the “PitBull” prosecutor has been conducting an affair with Jen Wood, one half of the “Trial Divas”. 1,157 more words

The Doors Opened at the Jodi Arias Hearing

As I waited out in the hallway totally and completely solo the doors for the Jodi Arias hearing remained locked up as the hearing began. No longer did the seats outside the courtroom have press and spectators waiting to get in with excitement to see what Jodi looked like and hear Juan fight for the Alexander family. 625 more words

Jodi Arias


Every day in the United States of America, about three women are killed by their abusive intimate partner. The case of Jodi Arias is a stark dichotomy – was it an abused woman attacked by an abusive man who lost control – or was it a cunning pre-meditated murder, perpetrated by a diabolical “femme fatale”? 3,356 more words

Jodi Arias 'Hellbent On Telling The Truth' — Production Company Has Exclusive Rights To Her Life Story, Feature Film Expected

A production company based in Northern California has been granted the exclusive rights to the life story of Jodi Arias — a deal made with… 614 more words

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No More Legal Tricks! Jodi Arias WILL Face Death Penalty In Sentencing For Brutal Murder Of Travis Alexander

Jodi Arias WILL face the death penalty for the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend and despite her desperate legal maneuvers in an Arizona courtroom the judge has denied her request to take that sentencing option off of the table. 270 more words

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