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Sad Post Related To Jodi Arias Trial

Yesterday, I began hearing rumors that Detective Esteban Flores’s 15-year-old son had died in a zip lining accident. I looked for an official news report and did not find one.  398 more words


And That's When The Pitbull Slipped His Collar.

Guess we are all going to find out what happens when the goodboy treats run out – Arizona

Hai!! I am still sick, but I can’t not write anymore so here we go. 1,142 more words

Jodi Arias Trial, State VS Jodi Arias, Stabby Arias Trial

Dear Travis Alexander

Dear Travis Alexander,

You have no idea who I am, however, I know all about you. I guarantee your family wishes I had no clue. I shouldn’t know who you are and what your personal life was like. 382 more words



I recently read the following quote on Hodi’s innocence page. My curiosity got the best of me, and I wanted to read “the Minions” take on the latest ruling made by “SometimesAJudge Stephens” I wasn’t disappointed in my expectations that anything written by “the Minions” would be ludicrous! 976 more words

Penalty Retrial: Two Craters Traversed, One Giant Chasm Left

Fact-based reporting by

Rob Roman

The jury questions and the back and forth by the prosecution and defense completed computer expert witness “John Smith”s testimony today. 2,433 more words

Jodi Arias Trial

It Must Be My Birthday

Is there such a thing as too good of a day? just wondering.

Hai everybody.  It has been such a fun day hasn’t it? The fun and games continue on Christine’s blog and by our count I’m up by 7, Jenny from the Cell Block objected to her own evidence on the record, the motion to remove the death penalty was DENIED.  235 more words

Jodi Arias Trial, State VS Jodi Arias, Stabby Arias Trial

Jodi Arias Sentencing Retrial Will Not Be Delayed

Jodi Arias has lost her bid to put her sentencing retrial on hold while she appeals a court’s ruling over public access to her trial. 72 more words