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Liverpool Council blow £15,000,000 buying & refurbishing offices for the top-brass

In the latest display of their lavish spending, the spivs at Liverpool City Council have applied to ‘themselves’ for planning permission to refurbish their plush dockside offices in the Cunard building. 251 more words

Liverpool City Council sends out bailiffs 183,000 times in just 5 years

In the last five years, Liverpool City Council (Labour run for 4 of them) have conducted a nasty campaign of targeting the poorest people in society, using bailiffs to bully people in paying them money that they need to survive. 65 more words

Liverpool’s Labour Council in Poll Tax shame

Despite Thatcher’s spiteful ‘Poll Tax’ being scrapped in 1993, Liverpool’s Labour Council are STILL enthusiastically pursuing Poll Tax arrears from a total of 86,747 people… In the last 5 years alone they have seized a total of £1,268,000 in arrears… 59 more words

Private sector organisations that ‘donate money’ to Liverpool City Council

The following list is of organisations (many of them private sector) that have – out of the goodness of their hearts – donated ‘money’ to fund council events – such as the Lord Mayor’s ball etc….. 158 more words

Liverpool City Council pay £173,249 to luxury caterer

Whilst you are worrying about how you will pay your bedroom tax, heat your home, buy food, run your car, or if and when you will ever find a new job – spare a thought for the parasites and gorgers at Liverpool Town hall… 157 more words

Liverpool library closures – behind the spin

The council top-brass and their slavishly loyal lickspittles have disgracefully voted in favour of the proposal to close 11 of the city’s 19 libraries. 966 more words