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Joe Anderson, Dayton Callie and Jessica Lowndes Join Darren Lynn Bousman's 'Abattoir'

Joe Anderson, Dayton Callie and Jessica Lowndes have joined Lin Shaye in Darren Lynn Bousman’s thriller “Abattoir.”

Bousman is directing from a script by David Schow, Teddy Tenenbaum and Christopher Monfette. 196 more words


HORNS (2014)

 Greetings again from the darkness. Every once in awhile a movie comes around that seems to have all the markings of a cult film that could become a midnight movie favorite. 509 more words


Comic Cuts on Merseyside

I was embarrassed to read a recent interview with the Leader of Manchester City Council, Richard Leese (no mayor there, thank you). He is everything Uncle Fester is not – intelligent, articulate, inclusive, consensual, and successful. 396 more words

Does Liverpool (and the rest of the UK) need a new type of politics?

Protestors at Walton Hall Park

Over the past few months I have been ruminating on three things:
1. The outburst of political debate and discussion caused by the Scottish Referendum. 1,542 more words

Rubber bullets fired at Everton fans by French Police

Authorities in France have confirmed that rubber bullets were used against Everton fans who clashed with police before the club’s match in Lille.

A spokesman said police “had missiles thrown at them” after arresting a fan in the city’s main square for selling drugs at about 14:20 CET (13:20 BST). 376 more words


Rotherham and Liverpool

Liverpool Town Hall

Yesterday Cllr Steve Radford and I decided not to take part in a meeting with Joe Anderson and Ged Fitzgerald about what happened in Rotherham in the last decade. 429 more words

Liverpool Cunard Building scandal: the plot thickens

It would seem that Joe ‘Bonaparte’ Anderson’s latest failed vanity project has come back to bite him on his cossetted backside…

Whilst people are suffering, and local services are being slashed at unprecedented levels, Liverpool City Council decided to spunk £15,000,000 of public money on buying the Cunard building. 423 more words