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Meet The Vergers Part 3

News from the third season of NBC’s Hannibal is coming thick and fast with the latest being the re-casting of Mason Verger.

One of season 2’s most memorable and horrific monsters played with such verve by Michael Pitt will be replaced by Joe Anderson who has previously appeared in Across the Universe and The Divide. 128 more words

Hannibal Recast Shocker: Michael Pitt Out, Joe Anderson In as Mason Verger

Michael Pitt will no longer be hearing the screaming squealing of the lambs pigs when Hannibal returns for Season 3. 252 more words

Casting News

Why have Liverpool City Council just spent £292,000 on new office furniture for the Cunard Building?

In an age of austerity and savage cuts, Liverpool City Council’s decisions to blow £15,000,000 of public money to purchase the Cunard building to house its workers in plush, marble clad surroundings, was nothing short of disgusting.To make matters worse the council saw fit to install 60+ plasma screens around the building, and purchase… 234 more words

Suggested principles for Political Life In Liverpool

Last night I attended a meeting with a group of people from outside politics who are interested in producing fundamental changes in the way politics is conducted in Liverpool. 463 more words


Burris looks for improvement across the board

Joe Anderson is looking for improvement from his boys basketball team one increment at a time.

The first-year Burris coach is trying to mold a group of players that is coming off a 3-17 record last season, and Anderson knows rebuilding the program won’t be an overnight task. 458 more words


Emily Thornberry, Politics and Liverpool

You might well ask, “what has Emily Thornberry got to do with Liverpool?” The answer, mercifully, is very little! However what you can see in Liverpool is the sort of contemptuous attitude that she and people like her have for ‘ordinary’ people. 939 more words

Liverpool Mayor wastes £2,041 of public money on food at a Labour Party conference

In January 2013 Joe Anderson organised an anti-cuts conference in Liverpool. The conference was for Labour Party Councillors from around the UK to come together to discuss how they can resist Tory cuts… The conference was clearly a roaring success, as every Labour run council has since gleefully voted through the cuts… 126 more words