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Emily Thornberry, Politics and Liverpool

You might well ask, “what has Emily Thornberry got to do with Liverpool?” The answer, mercifully, is very little! However what you can see in Liverpool is the sort of contemptuous attitude that she and people like her have for ‘ordinary’ people. 939 more words

Liverpool Mayor wastes £2,041 of public money on food at a Labour Party conference

In January 2013 Joe Anderson organised an anti-cuts conference in Liverpool. The conference was for Labour Party Councillors from around the UK to come together to discuss how they can resist Tory cuts… The conference was clearly a roaring success, as every Labour run council has since gleefully voted through the cuts… 126 more words

Liverpool city council smoke & mirrors over zero-hour contracts

Joe ‘Bonaparte’ Anderson and his toadying fellow council members and officers, can’t seem to be able to get their stories straight on the issue of whether there are workers employed on zero-hour contracts at Liverpool City Council….. 205 more words

Disgraceful scenes at last night’s council meeting

Last night’s council meeting was an absolute disgrace. This was not because of the way that the Lord Mayor conducted the meeting (would I dare to criticise her?!) but the way that the Elected Mayor of Liverpool conducted himself! 907 more words


The Clown Prince

What a funny bunny is old Uncle Fester. Honestly, he makes me laugh and laugh until my sides ache. From one jolly jape to another, he maintains his place in that long line of Liverpool comics who have gifted us giggles down the years. 371 more words


Horns (2014)
Rating: R

I wanted to like this movie. The previews had me really excited about it, but the movie was a bit of a disappointment. 242 more words


Everything wrong with Horns or how to force a happy ending

Year: 2014

Length: 120 min

Genre: Drama, Suspense

Director: Alexandre Aja

Main Cast: Daniel Radcliffe (Ig), Joe Anderson (Terry), Max Minghella (Lee)

IMDb rating: 6.6… 472 more words