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Liverpool Cunard Building scandal: the plot thickens

It would seem that Joe ‘Bonaparte’ Anderson’s latest failed vanity project has come back to bite him on his cossetted backside…

Whilst people are suffering, and local services are being slashed at unprecedented levels, Liverpool City Council decided to spunk £15,000,000 of public money on buying the Cunard building. 423 more words

Movie Review : Horns

Movie: Horns

Starring: Daniel radcliffe, Juno temple,Max Minghella, Joe Anderson

Plot: Based on the book with the same name by Joe Hills, the movie tells the tale of Ig Perrish, who wakes up after the funeral of his girlfriend, Merrin williams that he has developed Horns on his head. 584 more words


Horns (2014)

Now, this is one I went into almost completely ignorant of the movie and its content. All I know was that it starred Daniel “What movie character is he famous for again?” Radcliffe, and that it was about a guy who grew horns. 1,442 more words

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Liverpool’s Feuding Labour Brothers!

Sorry folks but they are at it again. Did you see the Echo earlier this week? Well it had Joe Anderson (Liverpool Labour) in the heavyweight corner having ago at Phil Davies (Labour Wirral) in the light weight corner. 635 more words

The cost of HS3

At the ResPublica “HS2 to HS3″ fringe event at the 2014 Labour party conference,

  • Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson said that HS3 would cost ‘twelve to fifteen billion pounds’.
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Liverpool's Opposition Leaders Unite in call for a Constitutional Convention for City Region

Earlier today I wrote to all the other 3 Party Leaders in Liverpool asking them, in effect, to establish a Constitutional Convention for the Liverpool City Region. 699 more words

Labour Councillor shamefully defends culture of Zero Hours contracts at Liverpool City Council

Earlier this year in an interview with the Liverpool Echo, snivelling Tory Errand boy and Councillor, Nick Small, had the following to say about Zero Hours contracts:- 343 more words