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Top 5 Live Albums - Countdown

5) Live Johnny Winter And – Johnny Winter

1971.  This release is rock and roll city!  Here we have a ceaseless display of energy that doesn’t come up short in the “rock” or the “roll” department.  758 more words


Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: It's up to You, again - Week 2

incomprehensibly heart-rending: to think we all made it this far

No matter what part of the calendar summer falls in, everyone looks forward to the season with some anticipation. 425 more words


Classic 70's: Show 216

Ain’t superstitious?  No worries, blues from the 1970′s are here to take over this hour on house.  Shake your tail feather on over, to your volume control because this is an hour you’ll want to crank up, way up! 96 more words

Radio Show

Rod Stewart, Status Quo & Joe Cocker Gateshead Stadium 2nd June 1991

Rod Stewart, Status Quo & Joe Cocker Gateshead Stadium 2nd June 1991
This was an excellent line-up with three class acts, and played for two nights at Gateshead Stadium in 1991. 235 more words


Welcome to the planet..........

The number one single on the billboard charts the week I was born was Joe Cocker’s “Up Where We Belong”. To this day it is one of my favorites, along with hundreds of others. 174 more words


Līgo Haibun Challenge - Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair...

It is a choice between “bridge” and “fountain” on Līgo Haibun Challenge this week and quite naturally I ended up with the first one…

There’ re so many bridges around – the visible and invisible ones. 173 more words


Being Normal



What is normal, what used to be normal, what will be normal, how is normal arrived at, used to be normal,  not normal anymore, much said about normal, whatever normal is, no one can decide, on what is normal, every generation is normal, so normal has changed many times, used to be normal for the poor to be servants, the poor being normal, normal  the gap between them and the upper classes, used to be normal for women to be housebound, used to be normal for women to be owned by men, used to be normal to keep slaves, there’s a lot of normal’s that ain’t that normal anymore, child reared in violent home, to him violence is normal, why the surprise when he reverts to violence later, to him it is normal, child reared in alcoholic home, assumes alcohol is normal, normal is a word of many meanings, and can mean an awful to so many individuals, in the eyes of God Most High, it is normal to love, since everyone was gifted some, you passed it on, but we don’t love as we used to, more normal to hate than to love in many places, many are taught that way, they assume it’s normal, whatever we assume of normal, it’s normally something we pass on, and that makes much of normal, abnormal if you believe in the divine, just a normal idea in a very abnormal world as they say. 39 more words