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The Pack (1977)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 5 out of 10

4-Word Review: Dogs on the prowl.

Jerry (Joe Don Baker) moves to idyllic Seal Island with his new wife Millie (Hope Alexander-Willis) and their two sons. 535 more words


Screening: Walking Tall (1973).

Phil Karlson is a terrific, but underrated, director. His Westerns (such as Gunman’s Walk) and crime films (like 5 Against The House) of the Fifties are well worth seeking out. 65 more words


Pic of the Day: "Speedtrap" revisited

For mindless summer drive-in fare, you could hardly do better than Earl Bellamy‘s Speedtrap (1977). Here Larry Loomis, Italian gangster (??), has been sucker-punched by private eye Pete Novick ( 61 more words

Timothy Carey

Walking Tall (1973)

When it comes to the violent films of the seventies they seem to be so much more realistic then films from other decades. Perhaps the trend started with Bonnie and Clyde then moved on to The Wild Bunch. 480 more words

Daily Take

Review: Edge of Darkness Episode 2: Into The Shadows

‘Into the Shadows’ takes its title as its structure. The entire episode is nothing but Craven stepping further and further out of his established routines and, in doing so, discovering even more about his daughter and what she’s been hiding. 996 more words


Review: Edge of Darkness Episode 1: Compassionate Leave

Everything is cyclical, and nothing is more cyclical than fiction. Edge of Darkness, the 1986 BBC political thriller that still scores on those ‘Greatest Dramas Of All Time’ lists started repeats on BBC4 last night. 999 more words



Ellis (played by Tye Sheridan) and Neckbone (by Jacob Lofland) are true best friends. They know each other so well that they often don’t need to talk to know what the other’s thinking or feeling. 677 more words