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Part 2, Walking Tall (1975)

This second film that chronicles the life of southern Sheriff Buford Pusser picks up where the first one left off. The only difference is that when the bandages are removed that covered his facial injuries at the end of the first film we find he’s no longer played by Joe Don Baker. 398 more words

Daily Take

IMDb Bottom 100: Mitchell


I genuinely feel like there is a good, entertaining movie hidden inside of “Mitchell” somewhere. The idea of an eccentric, schlubby cop with curious and unclear ethical boundaries solving a major crime sounds pretty great to me. 379 more words


MUD, Review

This is exactly the kind of movie that I adore. Not a masterpiece, for sure, but MUD is one of those movies that captivate you and bring you into the story. 520 more words


The Pack (1977)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 5 out of 10

4-Word Review: Dogs on the prowl.

Jerry (Joe Don Baker) moves to idyllic Seal Island with his new wife Millie (Hope Alexander-Willis) and their two sons. 535 more words


Screening: Walking Tall (1973).

Phil Karlson is a terrific, but underrated, director. His Westerns (such as Gunman’s Walk) and crime films (like 5 Against The House) of the Fifties are well worth seeking out. 65 more words