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Pension Age Change A Budget No-Brainer

WITH THE FEDERAL BUDGET drawing nearer — and with the shape of an austere document starting to take form in the public conscience — Treasurer Joe Hockey is charged with delivering a responsible package that redresses the immediate mess bequeathed by Labor, and goes some way toward fixing the structural weaknesses in the budget over the longer term. 1,244 more words

The Superannuation saga.....

While a pained Joe Hockey tells us his “truth” about the mess Labor has supposedly left, and that the old age pension is no longer affordable so we must work till we drop, it is worth remembering the Coalition’s history on superannuation. 1,451 more words


What does retirement actually mean these days?

Treasurer Joe Hockey’s announcement yesterday of the likelihood that the official retirement age for Australians will be increased to 70, raises the question of what retirement actually means these days. 433 more words

Slave to the Grave

We now have Hockey telling us to pack a few more years into  our working life. We have to subsidise for the mining tax somehow. In fact, “working life” is now synonym for “life”. 194 more words

April 2014

Maybe you'll be old one day too

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“Treasurer Joe Hockey has signaled a further increase in the pension age, more welfare means testing and co-payments for medical services in a speech in Washington delivered as the budget takes shape”. 665 more words


Abbott Slashing & Burning, And People Are Surprised

Another day, another backtrack by Tony Abbott. Despite promising no funding cuts to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, it now seems that he is determined to swing the axe towards the public broadcaster’s budget. 336 more words


An unrepresented Australian

I have a quandary this Sunday morning. Reading between the lines, it appears my government cut me loose. I can be subject for ridicule, just being dismissed by the casual wave of a hand, a bitchy Tweet and that’s that. 282 more words

April 2014