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This won’t take long.

For reasons that elude me, and for purposes I cannot fathom, a “writer” has decided to piss a sizable chunk of her life up against a wall by writing a… 629 more words


Trust Me (I hate you)

Alongside tackling climate change and fighting psycho-capitalism one of the challenges of modern life is keeping up with all the high-qual TV series coming out of the US. 2,144 more words


The ongoing trials of Kiwis living in Australia

In 2001 the Australian government drastically changed the rules regarding the rights of New Zealand citizens living in that country to access welfare and health benefits. 145 more words

Graphical Manipulations #93: Small Steps, Freedom, Books, Ratticisms, Jobs And Monkey Business!

It’s been a bleak and tragic week passed made much worse by blatant brutality, machinations, cover-up and political opportunism. We can only think gently of those who lost loved ones and hope that the lost will requiescat in pace. 325 more words

What a bloody mess we’re in!

What a bloody mess we’re in!

This poem was written for no other reason, than it’s my birthday, so I can… And seeing as how we are now subjected to the long, winter break, and politically it’s that time when politicians play the junket game, heading off to the warmer climes of the northern hemisphere summer, or just playing hide and seek, with their electorates and constituents!   568 more words

By Truth Seeker