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Graphical Manipulations #119: Gunfights, Cops, CO2, Lies, Pigs, Rats, Toads, Monkeys & Barnacles!

Well!  Here it is!  It’s AUSTRALIA DAY +1!  When we dragged out our patriotic fervour and gave it a bit of a dust off, tried to remember the National Anthem, resorted to thinking how ugly the flag was, and why in Gourd’s… 958 more words


Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey, a.k.a “The Sook Who Walks”, a.k.a “Mr Exploding Pizza Head” is suing Fairfax media for last year’s front-page headline “TREASURER FOR SALE” 162 more words


Who pays if Hockey loses? Joe Hockey defamation case: Fairfax Media calls for documents regarding Treasurer's involvement in North Sydney Forum as part of defamation case

Fairfax Media has called on a Sydney Liberal Party fundraising forum to provide all documents regarding any involvement by federal Treasurer Joe Hockey in its activities as part of the defamation action brought by Mr Hockey. 540 more words

Joe Hockey

It’s 2015 Joe, not 2165

Joe Hockey (Image by thenewdaily.com.au) Really! Treasurer Joe Hockey is becoming as adept as Tony Abbot at putting the proverbial foot in his mouth.That Joe should be looking so far ahead, and be concerned for someone in the year 2165, is touching. 490 more words

Joe Hockey

Mr Hockey Knows The Value Of A Good Story – Unfortunately, The Liberals Don’t Have One!

Actually, the title of this piece is unfair. The Liberals not only have a good story, they have oodles of them. And this is what’s making their narrative so confusing. 1,024 more words

Joe Hockey

Should Sloppy Joe Sew His Lips Together?

By Mike Welsh

If I live to be 150 I will never begin to understand why seemingly shrewd politicians sometimes say stupid things.

It’s pointless having expensive media advisors if you are going to ignore their counsel and boldly stand before a rack of microphones, open your fat gob and spit out stupid things.   149 more words