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Joe Hockey said wind farms are ruining the landscape.

Coal is black and beautiful, anthracite and lignite too,

Climate change is just a myth, and CO2 is good for you.

Greenhouse gas is better than red… 88 more words

Open Letters

Graphical Manipulations #100: Electrons, Pyne, Murdoch, Lies, The Rat, And Moo Poo!

I was very pleased to receive mail from my energy supplier the other day.  I can’t really share the ‘origin’ of the letter with you but can say that they put a lot of ‘energy’ into telling me how active they were in adjusting my electricity prices in their billing system following repeal of that naughty carbon tax that was putting so much extra cost on my power bills.  810 more words

Abbott simulator

I was thinking of a serious look at 9/11 but I really didn’t feel like it. So for now something unrelated to this auspicious date, and somewhat more entertaining. 34 more words


Institutionalising Deceit: Labor's Plan To Fiddle Budget Forecasts

THE MASQUERADE of expediency as “principle” is arguably the biggest driver of public discontent with politics — after outright lying — and the ALP is an adept practitioner of both of these dubious arts; today shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen is spruiking an “initiative” in response to ALP claims Joe Hockey manipulated budget forecasts to fit the Coalition’s political goals. 1,710 more words

Contender: Bishop Firms As A Leadership Prospect

WHEN THE TIME COMES — not for some years, of course — what seemed certain six months ago that Treasurer Joe Hockey would succeed Tony Abbott into the leadership of the Liberal Party is no longer the case, as a very poor political performance selling the 2014 budget inflicted a mortal hit upon Hockey’s eventual leadership chances. 2,079 more words

Graphical Manipulations #99: Sir Les, A Book, Rampaging Rat, Dogs, Duds & Monkey Business!

Well here we are at GM#99 and we wonder whether, once we reach GM#100, we should wind up the GM series and go to something else, have a reminisce of GM’s that have gone before (800 graphics excluding this bunch), or continue on beyond GM#100 until such time as the Lieberals and their Neutered Puppies are removed from government.  516 more words