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Defence Fracas: Reshuffle To Move Hockey, Dump Johnston

THOSE READERS WAITING on the promised article on Senate reform should see something from me tonight, but this morning I wanted to comment on the brouhaha surrounding controversial Defence minister David Johnston — and the opportunity to reshuffle the ministry it presents for Tony Abbott. 987 more words

Now, If I Say It, It must Be True, Because Liberals Never Lie. And You Can Trust Me On That Because I Said It!

BARRIE CASSIDY: Sure, but do you accept climate change potentially is one of the biggest impediments to growth?

JOE HOCKEY: No. No, I don’t. Absolutely not .

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‘It’s Kinda Awkward’ – Australia Embarrassed By Planetary Destruction, Crimes Against Humanity

“Oh Christ, please, not again,” a mortified Australia said after Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s cringe-worthy statement that coal was “good for humanity” was followed at the G20 by treasurer… 250 more words


Graphical Manipulations #109: Largesse, Rats, G20’s, Credibility, Shirtfronts And Toads!

Greetings you generous Australian taxpayer’s you!!  It’s always nice to know that you are keeping those foreign energy cartels going with your tax breaks – so willing to forgo tax from such people:  … 576 more words

The Lambie effect

Jacqui Lambie burst onto the Australian Political Scene in September 2013 carrying the banner of the Palmer United Party (PUP). 

Her outspoken nature gained her few friends within the voting community and I often scratch my head whilst uttering “what the F__K”! 701 more words

Breaking news: P20 leaders’ summit cancelled due to lack of point. Written by: Sean Stinson

With all the fuss surrounding the storm in a teacup that was the G20, I’d just like to give a shout out to another notable recent non-event. 965 more words

Joe Hockey &Tony Abbott wedged between big business mates who want to pollute for profit

Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott has come under attack from Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne who stated that Hockey and Abbott can’t expect to grow Australia’s economy with policies that deepen inequality and worsen global warming. 271 more words

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