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A special kind of stupid!

A special kind of stupid!

This poem follows on from my last post, “Tony, we’re over you, your lies and your stupid bloody slogans!”, where the phrase “Special kind of stupid” first made its presence felt   :wink:   and it was while writing that post, that I also started writing this poem   :shock: 704 more words

By Truth Seeker

Birthing Kits, Libraries and Houses

The best of Breakfast  – 18 to 21August

Sometimes all it takes for a good interview is an engaged talent. The brief about a team of volunteers awarded for their work with  143 more words

Radio Adelaide

Joe Hockey Confuses Rights with Entitlements

Australian Independent Media Network writer Victoria Rollison peels away the facade of Joe Hockey’s mantra that “The age of entitlement is over” to reveal that it is only the rights of ordinary Australians to social mobility that the Liberals seek to crush. 81 more words

Tony, we're over you, your lies, and your stupid bloody slogans!

Tony, we’re over you, your lies, and your stupid bloody slogans!

It takes a special kind of stupid, to make the same mistakes over and over again.   1,088 more words

By Truth Seeker

Episode 65: Direct Action Gets the Goods

Listen to this episode and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. You can also listen to this episode on StitcherCyber Ears or download it on… 454 more words

Time for another dose !

The first comment that follows this article in “The Conversation” declares that it should be made compulsory reading for everybody.

You might think he means every… 46 more words


Graphical Manipulations #96: Budget Failure, Janus, Monkey Business And Shuttlecocks!

Other duties have forced me away from the keyboard and the usual Graphical Manipulations this week so there’s only a couple of offerings accompanied by a couple of reminiscences from the past.  334 more words