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reverse baboon, hooded epiphany: luke vollar on robert ridley-shackleton and friends

Posset / Robert Ridley-Shackleton – Untitled Split (CD-r, Hissing Frames, edition of 12)

Werewolf Jerusalem / Robert Ridley-Shackleton / She Walks Crooked – April Fools (CD-r, Hissing Frames, edition of 22) 912 more words

No Audience Underground

liberation through a lack of interest: jorge boehringer on the no-audience underground

Jorge Boehringer, best known ’round these parts for his guise Core of the Coalman, is an indefatigable, shaggy haired polymath knee deep in all that is musically intriguing. 1,885 more words

No Audience Underground

the deft placement, the golden frame: joe murray learns from spoils & relics

Spoils & Relics – Embed and then forget (CD, Porta, Porta #9 CD, edition of 150 in screenprinted sleeve)

This 31 minute, one track piece is the perfect ego-less recording.  414 more words

No Audience Underground

knotty scabs, fresh burns: joe murray picks at smut, witchblood

Smut – Incomplete Chaos (CD-r, Turgid Animal)

Popular Radiation/Witchblood – Live at the Mining Institute (tape, Boiled Brains Bootlegs, BBB #003)

Smut – Incomplete Chaos… 841 more words

No Audience Underground

'are you allowed to do this?' - joe murray on yol

Yol – Headless Chicken Shits out Skull Shaped Egg (self-released CD-R or download)

Yol – Extraction  (self-released CD-R or download)

The most singular artist in the No Audience Underground right now – Yol – is making the music of his troubled soul sing like shaven angels wearing round-shouldered donkey jackets. 781 more words

No Audience Underground

Joe Murray Ready To Make Up For Lost Time

Former Beijing Olympian Joe Murray is looking to make up for lost time, as he returns to ring following 14 months out of the ring on Dave Coldwell’s “The Heat Is On” show at Bowlers Arena in Manchester on Friday night. 525 more words