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scarfing antelope: joe murray on lovely honkey & his acrid lactations

Lovely Honkey & His Acrid Lactations – Hardy the Wayfarers (tape, Total Vermin, #85)

I’m a bit of a worrier me.  I worry about all the normal things a middle-aged, pampered, white, male worries about I suppose: kids, missus, job, state of the world and all that jazz.  961 more words

No Audience Underground

an inch of time is an inch of gold...

Status report: despite the number of people interested in this stuff being statistically indistinguishable from zero, the micro-climate that this blog reports on could not be sunnier.   1,094 more words

No Audience Underground

Joe Murray

this cosmic moment
for Jan

a flawed meandering moon
ranging its way
around an earth
silently sounding a course
around a gold-leaf’d sun who… 74 more words

Operation Animation

So, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts and on my Projects page, I’m currently teaching myself the art of animation in order to achieve my (probably slightly unrealistic) dream of creating my own cartoon. 416 more words

everyone's favourite uncle: joe murray on adam bohman (again)

ADAM BOHMAN – Music and words 2 (CD, paradigm discs, PD 30)

Like a classic mixtape you make for your good friend overseas this utterly charming record is less snapshot of ‘where it’s at’ and more time-travel device for the hyper-elastic mind. 738 more words

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