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Autumn Leaves

It’s beginning to look very autumnal around here! The red maples, sumac and Virginia creeper are blazing red. The birch trees are turning gold and leaves everywhere are drifting down with the slightest breeze, crackling and swishing underfoot with each step we take. 174 more words

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Monarch in Mid-Flight and New England Asters

Tip ~ This morning I ran into my friend Maggie and her husband who had just rescued a Monarch from the middle of the road. 250 more words


Coastal Joe pye weed

This native perennial is extremely popular among the nectar-gatherers.  The plants in our yard managed to bloom prolifically despite being topped by deer earlier this year, and the long-lasting blooms are attracting a wide variety of insects. 116 more words

Bees in the Butterfly Garden

Anne Odell Butterfly Garden – Fahnestock State Park -

In a recent venture to The Hubbard Lodge in Fahnestock State Park, I explored a butterfly garden flourishing with beautiful native flowering plants. 704 more words

Native Bees

Pye Slices

Pye Slices © Lynn Wiles 2014
Four slices of Joe Pye Weed. Due to a birthday at work, I’ve had pie the last two days, so this somehow seemed appropriate.



“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” —  John Muir

Monarchs (Danaus…

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Earth Love

Autumn Colors

This migrating tiger swallowtail has found a nice meal in freshly-bloomed joe-pye weed along the Panhandle Trail. A native wild plant in the Easter US and Canada, it covers pretty much the same range as the Eastern tiger swallowtail’s habitat and migration. 191 more words