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Bees in the Butterfly Garden

Anne Odell Butterfly Garden – Fahnestock State Park -

In a recent venture to The Hubbard Lodge in Fahnestock State Park, I explored a butterfly garden flourishing with beautiful native flowering plants. 702 more words

Native Bees

Pye Slices

Pye Slices © Lynn Wiles 2014
Four slices of Joe Pye Weed. Due to a birthday at work, I’ve had pie the last two days, so this somehow seemed appropriate.



“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” —  John Muir

Monarchs (Danaus…

667 more words
Earth Love

Autumn Colors

This migrating tiger swallowtail has found a nice meal in freshly-bloomed joe-pye weed along the Panhandle Trail. A native wild plant in the Easter US and Canada, it covers pretty much the same range as the Eastern tiger swallowtail’s habitat and migration. 191 more words


Labor Day. How Did That Happen?

Labor Day. And how exactly did that happen?

Now that Joe’s brand-new backpack is packed, school clothes are laid out, new tennis shoes are ready to be broken in, and even Teacher Man’s lunch is packed for tomorrow, I can plop myself on the couch, turn on a little Real Housewives of Orange County (Reunion, Part 2!) and give you my random stream of consciousness. 507 more words


Flower of the Day: New York Ironweed

Vernonia noveboracensis; Asteraceae (aster family)

This coarse-textured plant is a joy to find in the wild.  Growing up to six feet, it likes full sun and wet soils, so you’ll find it not far from the river banks, facing the water from the treeline. 135 more words

Wildflower Wednesday: Joe Pye Weed

My garden doesn’t have many fall native wildflowers (yet). One I do like very much, though, is hollow Joe Pye weed (Eutrochium fistulosum). 220 more words