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Time Zone Reset

I’ve just returned from a National Guard mission in Germany for a month and severely missed floating. All the guys that went on the mission with me are now subject matter experts in what floating is, because I couldn’t stop talking about it. 166 more words

Joe Rogan - Humbleness

Humble Pie

Will Smith once said, “Don’t let your success go to your head, and don’t let your failures go to your heart.” To be humble is to be balanced. 206 more words

Think Tank

Joe Rogan Thinks Pro Wrestling Is Immature

Is anyone else getting sick of this “pro wrestling vs. MMA” paradigm that we can’t seem to escape?  I’m a fan of both, and it’s downright tedious to see all these uninformed comparisons and accusations of one thing trying to bully its way into the other thing’s fanbase.  519 more words


Joe Rogan Rips Pro Wrestling & Criticizes Brock Lesnar

Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe appeared on last week’s episode of The Joe Rogan Experience (available HERE). According to Hinchcliffe,WWE offered him a one-year contract to join the WWE creative team. 276 more words

WWE News And Events

On Joe Rogan's show, Stefan makes statement about issuing copyright notices

On Joe Rogan’s show #538 August 21, 2014, Molyneux stated that YouTube channels were shut down using DMCA to stop “a troll”, some guy who had worked for FDR who was harassing, doxxing, and stalking his callers. 196 more words

Joe Rogan

An Inquiry on Medicinal Psychedelics



Drugs are tricky. We seem to have a governing zeitgeist on what a ‘bad’ drug is, while also allowing other substances to exist within purely medical realms. 2,586 more words