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London tops Forbes list of the world's most influential cities in 2014

Link to homepage- http://londonsnap.co.uk

London is the most influential city in the world, according to analysts at Forbes, despite Britain being a “second-rate” global power. 527 more words


XOXO, The Hipster Clerisy and #gamergate pt. 1

New Oxford American Dictionary
clerisy |ˈklerəsē|
noun [ usu. treated as pl. ]
a distinct class of learned or literary people: the clerisy are those who read for pleasure. 638 more words

Dreaming of the Suburbs

Matthew Loftus brought up this article on the suburbs (The Conservative Case Against Suburbs, a reaction to an earlier Joel Kotkin piece). It’s a form of the conservative critique that sees the suburbs or suburban sprawl as the enemy of the local, the agriculture. 253 more words


Inside the Plot Against the Middle Class

For the  New York PostKyle Smith writes: Ever get the sense that the middle class is downwardly mobile, being pressed to the floor and squeezed to the limit? 722 more words

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