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Santorum & NRB executives showed real leadership by visiting Israel amidst a hot war. They get the importance of US-Israel alliance & gravity of jihadist threat.

(Central Israel) — Last week, I had the opportunity to speak to and travel through Israel with two solidarity delegations from the United States. One was organized by former… 1,713 more words

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This is important information for all who love Israel, and who care for the plight of the people in neighboring lands. Please don't skip Rick Santorum's op-ed that is included in the last half of this post from Joel Rosenberg. Informed voters need to know!

The Mysterious Copper Scroll: A Map to Gold And Silver Treasure

“In the fortress which is in the Vale of Achor, forty cubits under the steps entering to the east: a money chest and it contents, of a weight of seventeen talents.” (First column of the Copper Dead Sea Scroll) 1,060 more words


ISIS to America: "We Are in Your Cities!"

Credit: CharismaNews. These photos—featuring a hand holding an ISIS flag in front of the White House and a handwritten note in Arabic held in front of a building with 2 American flags—were recently posted on Twitter. 653 more words

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A Live Voice from Iraq: An Interview with an Iraqi Christian Pastor

Perhaps you have seen and heard the news from Iraq where Christians are being killed by Islamic radicals, known as ISIS.

On Wednesday (8/13/14), Joel Rosenberg conducted a… 75 more words

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This is a time for Christians to show solidarity with Israel as she faces an onslaught of terrorism. It’s also a time to show compassion towards Palestinians who are being crushed by Hamas. A few thoughts to consider.

(Washington, D.C.) — On July 31st, I first published this column. The response has been very encouraging, but I believe many more Christians need to hear this message, so I’m publishing it again. 1,405 more words

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Friends, the burden shared by Joel Rosenberg strongly resonates with me. What about you? I've re-blogged it here, as I believe these are thoughts we all should consider. Be blessed!

Hamas, Palestinians, and Gaza...What are We to Think?

Hello friends, and thanks for stopping by!  Today I want to share from my heart, as it seems there is a growing burden among many for something very important the Lord wants us to understand. 484 more words

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Are Current Events an Indication the End Times Are Near? #50

The Bible has many references to the end times and there are some possible indicators of the timing. However, we must be careful because no one knows the timing except God. 606 more words

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