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Conscious Coupling

(WARNING: This post does not have all that much to do with chastity, so if you’re looking for hot & horny posts, check out some of our other blog entries.) 524 more words


Nobel Prize Winner Predicts Rise Of Veganism In 2014

We predicted the rise of health-motivated veganism and vegan haute cuisine in 2014, but Nobel Prize winning economist (and a professor at Stanford and Harvard) Alvin Roth predicts that veganism will become the dominant paradigm in the near future–or in his own words, that “meat eating might become repugnant” to the general population. 292 more words


A Secession Plan That Works

Because I work at TIME, a lot of people ask me what is wrong with American politics. But because I don’t write about politics or talk to the nerds here who write about it, I don’t know anything, which in no way stops me from answering these questions. 815 more words

Song of Myself, Myself, Myselfie

I was standing in the  post office thinking about just how incriminating the scene unfolding in front of me was for millenials: children–young and younger–accompanying their distracted parents in a slow line, each of them contentedly swiping and tapping at a smart phone. 628 more words