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Taking up Running - First item on the Shopping List: Trainers

I was exceptionally lucky that my big brother had taken up running some time before me (actually for his Christmas present 2013 he requested, and I bought him a voucher to pay for a running course!) and gave me the good advice of getting a decent pair of trainers and how to go about it – if you get the wrong trainers it could put you off running before you’ve even properly started. 686 more words


Jogga-Blog to the Moon

So last night I talked myself into going for a run. Actually I ran last Monday too, although I don’t think I blogged about it (despite it being world news). 103 more words

Music Makes The World Go Round

For the Sake of My Mentality

So it all began in February this year, with one of the epic Facebook messages me and my group of yummy mummies have – my recollection is that it all started with us complaining about how useless BMI is as a measurement, but I digress – within this long chain conversation one sentence my friend Emma, who has been running regularly for some time, wrote that stuck in my head and started gnawing away at me. 385 more words


The Dog That Won't Bite But Does

“Don’t worry. He’s just playing.”

Sometimes you leave the jogging track and go into new territory within the park itself. You don’t run so far away that you risk meeting with The Insufferable Kid, but you might go as far as the sloping lawns and the pond at the park’s center. 1,054 more words