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Summer Is Coming

Here’s Bane enjoying springtime sunshine.

I’m a Game of Thrones fan (HBO only, not the books yet, not spoilers!) and I love their Winter is coming… 173 more words

From a Minute to a Marathon!

I can run a minute.  I ran a minute twice today.  I currently travel less than a tenth of a mile in that minute so I’m not even eligible for one of the ’0.1′ stickers I’ve started to see on the backs of some cars.   506 more words


A mini adventure topped off with cacao and peanut butter brownies!

This week I’ve undertaken more exercise than usual, in order to enjoy the great weather we’ve had, without getting too much fatigue post exercise.  However, it appears an hour of jogging around Holyrood park and a 30 minute cycle to Portabello beach, even with rest in between, is still too much for me to do in one day! 330 more words

Course à pied #4. Le look.

1 -  Tu aimes les tenues trendy? Le footing n’est pas pour toi. 
2 – Tu aimes la fashion-week? Le footing n’est pas pour toi. 237 more words

My first 20 minute run in 3 months

Yes, I haven’t been running. I did a couple after Christmas but with the new work timetable it became difficult to even run twice a week. 304 more words


"Watch out for the beavers!!"

Cindy and I are once again trying to get back into running. It’s amazing how easily you can get out of shape when it comes to running. 435 more words