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Fated to collide

Me: I am scared of love and other four letter words

that add to my confusion.

You: You are that great undoing foretold to my heart… 21 more words

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A Child of the Night

I am a child of the night,

Born of my mother’s elegant dreams

And my father’s insistent vows.

Loved, might I add,

Even when my hunger won’t subside.

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A battle of superiors

I like to think that I’m more of a listener

Constantly betrayed by her thrashing interior

When it finds the comfort to speak but lacks… 14 more words

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Caught in your dreams

I am caught up in your dreams

It’s so hard to imagine  what it means to be here

Exposed. Bare. Free.These marks on my skin… 13 more words

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Today I wondered where I would have been

If I had grown with different circumstances:

Chosen this language not because mine was

supposedly inadequate; thought in this language… 7 more words

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I know a small girl

I know a small girl

with fire in her eyes

and her prospects outlined

I do not dare to compare

unless I want to feel less alive

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On some lonely nights

On some lonely nights

When I’m crowded with indecision

I long to crawl back into the womb that gave me life

Feeding off the crumbs… 8 more words

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