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Morning Song - 5th Hungarian Dance

Composed by Johannes Brahms, interpreted by Charlie Chaplin.

As the announcer says, “Make your work a pleasure. Move with the rhythm of music!”.

It’s Monday morning. What’s happening out there?


Day 13: Say Goodbye to Vienna.....

Today we paid homage to some of the worlds greatest composers with a visit to Zentralfriedhof or “Central Cemetery”. Those buried here include Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss, Johannes Brahms. 119 more words

aimez-vous Brahms?

I am about a third of the way through Jan Swafford’s extraordinary biography of Brahms (quite creatively titled Johannes Brahms: A Biography), and it is setting off all kinds of thoughts and feelings and wishes and dreams.   599 more words

A Collaborative History of the Clarinet: Brahms / Mühlfeld

It was in May 1890, when Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was just 57 years of age, that his friend, Billroth, wrote in a letter, ‘He rejected the idea that he is composing or will ever compose anything.’ (qtd Mason 1970; 219) While Mason suggests that it would have been perfectly satisfactory to close with what is arguably one of his greatest masterpieces (the Viola Quintet of 1890), it is to the immeasurable benefit of the clarinet’s repertoire that he met Richard Mühlfeld (1856-1907), clarinettist with the Meiningen orchestra. 569 more words

Clarinet History

In praise of Brahms

St Martin in the Fields Lunchtime Concerts ~ Friday 29 August 2014

Matthew Drinkwater piano

I can’t think of a better title, but in praise of Johannes Brahms… 309 more words

Johannes Brahms publishing contract for five of Brahms’s works

Famed German composer (1833–1897) whose works in the classical spirit, written in the midst of the Romantic era, take a place among the most enduring music of the 19th century. 95 more words

RR Autograph Auction

Pops Goes Classical – Passport to the World: A Night in Hungary

On Sunday the thirteenth of July, I had the distinct pleasure of attending San Diego Symphony Orchestra’s Summer Pops concert, Pops Goes Classical – Passport to the World: 1,583 more words